5 Lovely Sloth Water Bottles You Need To Own


Do you find yourself in need of a liquid container for on the go? Perhaps a water bottle? Do you find that your current water bottle is constantly leaking and getting your stuff wet (we hate when that happens)? Do you feel the need to express your love for sloths even more? Well then you have come to the right place! These are 5 lovely sloth water bottles that you need to own!

1. SIGG Kid’s Cuipo Steve the Sloth Water Bottle, Green, 0.4-Liter

Green Steve The Sloth Water Bottle

What are sloths famous for? Hanging from branches and chilling out obviously! This silly little sloth is just doing what he does best. This water bottle is perfect for the kids to take to school or even for the adults to take to work! The secure pop top minimises the risk of it leaking.

2. TooLoud Cute Hanging Sloth Aluminum 600ml Water Bottle – White

White Sloth Water Bottle

Awwwwwww! We know you all love this little guy as much as we do! Isn’t this little sloth just so loveable and endearing? This lightweight water bottle is perfect for on the go and the interchangeable lid will help prevent leakages.

3. TooLoud Cute Valentine Sloth Holding Heart 600ml Water Bottle – White

Valentines Sloth Water Bottle

Will you be his valentine? Who wouldn’t?! This gorgeous little sloth just can’t wait to be loved! Obviously he is super charming with is little pink heart and twinkling little eyes! This water bottle also comes with an interchangeable top making sure there will be no leakages!

4. Water Bottle I Love Sloths,Colorful 20oz / 600ML

Colorful Sloth Water Bottle

This colourful water bottle gets straight to the point. Obviously we all love sloths (who doesn’t?) so this would be the perfect water bottle for you or any of your sloth loving friends! This simple design makes it perfect for anyone!

5. Cute Christmas Sloth – Santa Claws 600ml Water Bottle – White

Christmas Sloth Water Bottle

Want to demonstrate your festive spirit and your love for the most adorable lazy animal at the same time? If so then this is the perfect water bottle for you! Not only is this sloth hella cute but he also has the sweetest little pink cheeks and red santa hat! We absolutely love him! This water bottle also has an interchangeable top ensuring that there will be no leakages!

That just about sums up our list for the top 5 lovely sloth water bottles that you need to own! We hope one of them took your fancy so that you can now carry around your liquid in slothy style! If you have found any more wacky water bottles that you think we could add to our list then don’t be afraid to send us a message.

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2 thoughts on “5 Lovely Sloth Water Bottles You Need To Own

  • October 10, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    What will you fill your sloth water bottle with? Sloths get most of their water from eating, so a water bottle isn’t of much use!

  • August 8, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    Are the water bottles insulated?? Or do you have any Sloth water bottles that are insulated??


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