5 Simple Steps to Quitting Smoking For Good


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You know smoking is bad for you. You know you should stop. You’re sick to death of people telling you it’s bad for you. I get it. I’m not going to tell you again why it’s bad for you or that it’s ruining your life.

I am however going to give a quick mention to Stoptober and throw some tips at you. If you’re a smoker you’ve probably heard all about Stoptober. For those who don’t smoke – it’s an excellent cause and hopefully you can get someone close to you to try it out.

Starting on October 1st many smokers will take part in a 28 day challenge in which they try to quit smoking. Quitting smoking may seem like a daunting and impossible task but it’s far from impossible.

It’s difficult for sure, but you already know it’s worth it. If you are keen and ready to go, why not get a head start and quit before October even arrives?

If you manage to power through the first month without a single smoke you are 5 times more likely to quit for good. Why not stop now and get a head start over everyone else? If you want to stop now or stop on the 1st of October, here’s a few steps that can help you on your journey:

Step 1: Decide on a date!

One of the most difficult parts of stopping smoking is deciding when to start. We all know that despite telling yourself regularly, you aren’t going to do it tomorrow. You need to make the first step in quitting by deciding “I’ll start today” or “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’ll start October 1st for Stoptober”. This is the first step to a smoke free future.

Step 2: Make a plan!

Do you want support or would you rather stop on your own? If you have support from family and friends they can keep you in check and talk you through the cravings. There’s also loads of services to help you quit smoking, take a quick look online to find your local ones.

If you’re a bit of a lone wolf and you want to quit on your own, go for it! Just know that everyone will more than likely be supportive of your decision, should you feel yourself about to cave.

Step 3: Keep busy!

You can’t smoke if you don’t have time to! Throughout the Stoptober challenge (or any time you wish to quit) you will want to stay busy and keep distracted. There are many ways in which to do this, for example:

  • Go to the park
  • Go to the cinema
  • Chew gum
  • Go out with friends
  • Throw a party (Agree on no smoking!)
  • Exercise
  • Go camping with non-smoking friends
  • Go shopping
  • Go out for a meal

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – just keep yourself distracted (but don’t get distracted until you’re done reading this!)

Step 4: Avoid smoking triggers!

Things such as people, places and situations may trigger you to smoke. For example, if you go to the bar with your friends and some of them smoke, they may trigger you to smoke with them. Ways in which to avoid these triggers are:

  • Throwing away cigarettes, lighters and ash trays
  • Avoid large amounts of caffeine (everyone needs their morning cuppa but try to cut out on caffeine during the day)
  • Hang around with non-smokers (don’t cut off your smoking friends completely! When hanging around with friends that smoke you may want to go to places where smoking is not allowed)
  • Lack of sleep and too much sugar can trigger you to smoke so try and get to bed early and avoid eating too much chocolate.

Step 5: Stay positive!

Quitting smoking is one second at a time. Don’t think of it being “forever”. Just think about now and soon enough the days will add up! Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do in life, whether you’re 16 or 60 – it’s never too late to start.

You won’t be perfect because nobody is! You’ll struggle, but the most important thing is that you’re making this decision and securing a longer, healthier and happier life for yourself – that deserves a reward! So treat yourself after 24 hours smoke free. You deserve it!

Even if you’ve been smoking for years the health benefits are absolutely huge. It doesn’t take long to get your lungs back to normal. They aren’t permanently damaged.

Remember, the most important thing is persistence! If you can’t resist and have a smoke it’s not the end of the world. I can’t stress enough that if you fall off the wagon, jump straight back on! Everyone makes mistakes; don’t go all self-destructive on me because you let one smoke slip through the crack.

Good luck, I know you can do it!

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    What is your number one motivation for wanting to quit smoking?


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