5 Stylish Sloth Hats You Can’t Live Without


Have you ever looked in a mirror or the reflection of a car window and thought, what could I do to up my style? Well we’ve found the perfect answer to that question. You need to kit yourself out with a one of a kind sloth hat! If you think you’ve got a good thing going on (style wise), a sloth hat will only add to your marvelous outfit.

Luckily for you, we’ve hand picked 5 stylish sloth hats that you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding yourself! Without wasting any more valuable time, lets move onto out top 5 list:

1. Sloth Pom Hat Pink 21″ by Aurora

Pink Sloth Hat

This adorable pink sloth hat is super warm and cuddly. It makes for a perfect gift to any sloth lover – or you can keep it for yourself! It’s well made and won’t fall apart after a wash. If you need a hat to keep you warm on those chilly days, you’ve found it!

2. TooLoud Cute Hanging Sloth Adult Fleece Beanie Cap Hat

Beanie Sloth Hat

This simple sloth hat comes with a cute design of a sloth on a branch and it’s a simple beanie that is put together well. It’s not extravagant or expensive – this sloth hat does its job and doesn;t draw attention to itself!

Psst! There’s a Christmas version of this hat!

3. TooLoud Cute Hanging Sloth Adult Baseball Cap Hat

Brown Sloth Hat Cap

This sloth baseball cap is perfect for those pesky sunny days! It will keep the sun out of your eyes, whilst also flashing that cute sloth to all passersby. It’s adjustable and well made, it won’t let you down.

4. Live Slow Sloth Baseball Cap – Blue

Blue Sloth Cap Hat

“Live Slow” is the best advice a sloth can give! This cute sloth hat comes in a multitude of colors – so if blue isn’t your thing, be sure to check out what other colors they’ve got! It’s durable and can handle a wash without falling apart or letting the color run.

5. Warning Beware Of The Sloth Orange Flame Hat

Beware of the sloth - flaming sloth hat

The sloth is a notoriously vicious creature… Why not get a hat to warn people of the danger? This funny sloth hat features cool flames on the front and side, as well as a big warning label to keep you away from the sloth!

That just about sums up our list of sloth hats! We hope one of them took your fancy – if they’re not your style, don’t give up your search for a majestic sloth hat! You’ll find your dream hat somewhere as long as you keep looking.

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  • October 10, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    Which sloth hat is your favorite? We are obviously going for number 1!


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