7 Dog Sunglasses Your Pooch Will Love


Why do you think you’re the only one that’s cool enough to wear sunglasses? Your dog needs some styling as well you know! Not only will your pooch look super cool, you’ll also be doing them a favor by protecting their adorable little eyes.

We’ve got you covered for all shapes and sizes. Dogs are never the same size and they never like the same thing! With all these sunglasses to choose from, you should be able to find one that is up to your pampered pooches standards!

1. ZGY UV Protective Foldable Dog Sunglasses

Dog Sunglasses - UV Protection

It’s easy to forget that sunglasses serve an important medical purpose and aren’t simply a fashion item. Your dog’s eyes are just as sensitive to harm from UV rays as a human’s, and so they need just as much protection.

Luckily for all you dog owners ZGY have got your backs! These futuristic-looking sunglasses provide maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays and will keep your dog’s eyes healthy and functioning well in to old age.

They are made with your pet’s comfort in mind and feature thick padded lenses, an extra wide nose bridge and a deeper lens cup. And for those of you who want both style and substance, they also come in four funky colours so your pooch can look fabulous in the sunshine too!

2. Doggles Medium K9 Optix Sunglasses

Dog K9 UV Sunglasses

Doggles goes for a slightly different take on the UV protective sunglasses for your pooch. These frames are lightweight and don’t feature any extra padding – but don’t be fooled! These glasses are near indestructible and made with a super strong shatterproof lens which provides 100% UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Doggles know that pooches come in all shapes and sizes, so they’ve included two head straps which ensure a secure and snug fit no matter what breed your pup is. We love the little details on these glasses, like the diamante heart in the corner of the lens and the silver bone on the side. We know your pooch will love these glasses while she struts down the sunny sidewalk.

3. PETLESO Dog Anti-Fog Goggles

Large Dog Anti-Fog UV Sunglasses

If your pooch is a year-round adventurer who loves the snow as much as the sun then you need to kit him out with these Petleso Anti-Fog Dog Goggles. Just like his human friends, your pooch’s eyes need protection from the elements when he’s out having fun in the cold and snow.

It’s not just UV rays that can harm your dog’s eyes! Dry and cold temperatures can irritate a canine’s eyes and make them sore, which is no fun at all! These goggles provide maximum protection as they completely cover your dog’s peripheral vision and protect against all kinds of debris such as sand, dirt, ice and snow.

The silicone strap is super stretchy which helps it fit on to all types of dog breeds, it’s also removable which makes it extra easy to wipe clean after a long walkies in the bush.

4. Doggles K9 Optix Shiny Pink Rubber Glasses

Pink Dog Sunglasses For Sun Protection

Comfort and style come together in perfect harmony in these glasses by Doggles. What sets these sunglasses apart from the competition is the fact that the frame is made from rubber, which makes them more flexible, and so more comfy, than other glasses that are made from hard plastic.

This means that these Doggles glasses can accomodate different shape heads, and we know that dogs come in all manner of shapes and sizes! These particular glassses are specially designed for the smaller pooch with smaller lenses that won’t swamp little eyes, as well as smaller straps that can be adjusted to comfortably fit on mini heads.

These glasses are not only a great addition to your pooch’s wardrobe, but they also provide 100% UV protection in their shatterproof lenses. So your pup can look fabulous and stay safe at the same time!

5. Zhixuanke Dog Glasses

Large Foldable Dog Sunglasses - UV Protection

Can your pooch be seen zooming through town in your car with his head out the window, tongue lolling in the wind? You need to help him up his game by kitting him out with these stylish Zhixuanke Dog Glasses. Not only will they transform him into the coolest pup in town, but they’ll help protect his eyes from the wind.

City pooches are particularly vulnerable to the effects of heavy pollution and particles in the air can damage canine eyes, so it’s all the more important to keep them covered. These Zhixuanke Dog Glasses have a flexible frame that contours to your dog’s head, sealing any gaps where debris can enter.

They also fold completely in half and so save space when stored, making them the perfect size to carry in your handbag or car glove box.

6. Meco Water-Proof Dog Sunglasses

Water-Proof Dog Sunglasses

Is your pup a pro surfer? He’ll thank you for protecting his eyes from salty sea water and sand if you buy him these Meco Water-Proof Dog Sunglasses. We all know how annoying it is when we get down to the beach, excited for a dip in the sea, only to realise we’ve forgotten our swimming goggles!

Getting sea water in your eyes can be the perfect way to ruin a fun day at the seaside. These glasses are made specifically for dogs that love walkies on the beach and getting soggy in the sea. They are fully waterproof and made of high quality flexible plastic that seal against leakages.

Tinted lenses will also protect against ultraviolet rays so these are the right goggles for sun drenched days at the beach! They are made to fit smaller dogs, so if your pooch is a mini-ripper that loves to shred the surf all day long, then these are the glasses for him!

7. Kpmall Fashion Dog Sunglasses

arge Dog Goggles Sunglasses UV Protective Foldable Lenses Eye Wear Protection Fashion Eyewear Goggles

You can be the canine-fashion trend-setter in you neighbourhood when your pooch is seen out and about in these chic Kpmall Dog Sunglasses. They are made to fit larger dogs, and we think they’ll look best on breeds such as Huskies, Labradors and Alsatians.

The V-shaped lenses add a devil-may-care look to your pooch as he struts his stuff down the city streets. What’s better, they’ll keep your pup’s eyes safe from strong summer sun with their shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses.

The frame is lightweight and flexible so your dog won’t even notice he’s wearing these sunglasses, and the double head and jaw straps contour to your pooch’s head so you’ll never have to worry about them slipping off, no matter how wild your walkies get.

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