8 Orange Watches You Need In Your Life


So, you need some color in your life and you’re not quite sure how to get it. Orange is a wonderfully bright color for adding a little cheer and radiance to your world and one way of adding it is through some stylish accessories.

With a colorful orange watch you can stay on trend and on time. So, why don’t you let your fun personality shine and attach a superb orange timepiece to your wrist, and everyday can be your brightest day!

Here are just 8 orange watches you need in your life.

1. Timex Expedition Scout Orange Watch

timex orange watch

Now, this orange watch is just what you need to brighten up your life and make sure you don’t miss any adventures. This watch is the ideal accessory for explorers everywhere. It’s a fabulous everyday watch that can handle all your outdoor activities.

This functional orange watch from Timex features a black dial with bold white numerals in a vintage style that are easy to see. It has the benefit of having 12 hour and 24 hour time displayed on the dial, so you can carry out your tasks in military time.

The dial also has a date window at the 3 o’clock position, meaning you can plan ahead and look forward to your next outing. For added convenience during your extreme adventures, the watch features an Indiglo night light, so you can stay on track of time, even in the dark. The silver tone hands are also luminous, giving you extra visibility.

This watch has a 40 millimeter silver colored metal case and mineral dial window, so it’s tough enough for all your activities. The band is a bright orange nylon, which is comfortable to wear and will help you stand out on your adventures.

The band can be easily adjusted and has a buckle closure, making it much easier to put on and get the fit just right. This watch will be your personal time keeper in all situations, so when you choose to cool off in the lake you won’t need to worry about taking it off, as it’s water resistant up to 165 feet.

2. Juicy Couture Sport Couture Digital Orange Watch

juicy couture orange watch

Keep your sporty style on show and stand out in the crowd with this bright orange watch from Juicy Couture. This is the ideal timepiece for wearing when you head to the gym for your daily workout and will look super stylish when you’re out on the jogging trails.

This chunky orange watch has a jelly appearance, with its orange rubber case and coordinating orange rubber band. The strap is comfortable to wear and benefits from a buckle closure, so you can keep it safely on your wrist through all your activities. At 25 millimeters in width, the band is by no means delicate, but it adds to that sporty look next to the large 42 millimeter case.

The dial is orange and round, with a digital clock, making it easier for you to time your training. The dial features Juicy Couture branding and you can display the seconds and the date, so you’ll never miss an important meeting.

This is the perfect orange accessory to motivate you through your workouts. It will also add a nice splash of color to your casual wardrobe, even when you’re not hitting the gym. While the watch is water resistant, it’s not built for swimming and will only be resistant against the occasional splashes, but it’s great for when you’re running in the rain.

3. Armitron Sport Digital Camouflage Orange Watch

armitron orange watch

Now, when you can’t decide whether you want to blend in or stand out, then this is the ideal accessory for you. This orange watch from Armitron Sport will give you both. It’s chunky and masculine and has everything you could need in a watch.

The watch has a bright orange and black camouflage resin band, with an easy to work buckle closure, so you can adjust it for the optimum fit. The band is 22 millimeters, which adds to the sporty look and is enhanced by the large 52 millimeter black textured resin case.

Both the case and the band are durable and designed for activities, so you can get up to all kinds of adventures, knowing you won’t be late for anything important. The dial is black and displays the digital time in either 12 hour or 24 hour formats and has an easy to read day and date function, meaning you can keep on top of your schedule no matter where you are.

This watch is also a great timepiece for sports, as it features a stopwatch with lap timing, as well as an alarm, so you can get to your meetings on time.

This Quartz watch is designed for the outdoors and anyone who likes to stay active. It will add a good pop of color to your wardrobe and you can even keep it on when you hit the pool, as it’s water resistant up to 330 feet! This watch can handle whatever adventures you throw at it!

4. Oulm Quartz Leather Orange Watch

oulm orange watch

So, you’re looking for something unusual that will look extra slick. Well, this orange watch from Oulm will definitely live up to your expectations and have everyone asking you where you got it. For anyone who likes to live outside the box, then this is the accessory for you.

This stylish watch features a black leather band with contrasting bright orange stitching and a buckle closure, so it’ll not only be comfortable to wear but it’ll be easy to adjust. The glossy black metal case is 55 millimeters, so it’ll be easily seen on your wrist and will definitely be a conversation piece.

The orange dial features a main dial that displays the time, with silver tone and black accents and numerals, and three separate inner dials. There are also two separate dials adjacent to the main dial, where you can set the times for other time zones, so you can keep on top of your schedule and stay organized no matter where in the world you are.

This orange watch has a contemporary design that will go well with your modern lifestyle and for anyone who loves a gadget they are sure to love this unusual style. It will look great on your wrist with all your casual styles and will add a good pop of color to your workwear, to brighten up your day.

5. Seiko Diver Orange Watch

seiko orange watch

This orange watch from Seiko is the ideal accessory for anyone with an active lifestyle. This timepiece delivers a vibrant pop of color while maintaining a classic feel, so you can wear it with all your casual styles, no matter where you’re headed.

This durable watch has a masculine, sporty look and features a tough black resin band with a buckle closure, so it’ll stay securely on your wrist for as long as you need. The 42 millimeter silver tone stainless steel case ensures it’s large enough to see and is tough enough to withstand all your adventurous activities.

The dial is bright orange with bold, luminous white hour markers and luminous hands, so you’ll be able to see the time no matter what the lighting. The watch is a self-winding automatic timepiece that will keep accurate time, so you can make sure you’re always on time for any appointments.

This stylish orange watch also displays the day and date, making it easier for you to stick to your schedule and meet your deadlines. What’s more, this watch was designed for divers and is water resistant up to an incredible 656 feet, so you can have fun with all your watersports and know your watch will still be tracking every second accurately.

6. Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph Orange Watch

citizen orange watch

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your life but you don’t want anything that’s going to smack you in the face, or perhaps you’re just not quite ready to go all out with a bright, colorful watch, then this sleek orange watch from Citizen could be just the ticket!

This stylish watch has subtle orange accents that will add a pop of color to your wardrobe without outshining your personal style. It features a black calfskin leather band with contrasting orange stitching and solid orange on the reverse side.

The band has a buckle closure, making it easy to adjust and comfortable enough for wearing all day. The 44 millimeter black stainless steel case is ion plated for extra durability and it has a mineral dial window that’s scratch resistant.

The dial is black with bright orange hands and accents, so it’s easy to read. There are three inner dials inside the main dial, where you can see 24 hour time and seconds up to a minute.

This watch is the ideal travelling accessory, as you will never need a battery, keeping you up to date and on schedule no matter what. This trendy orange watch is powered by any light source and the dial also displays the date, allowing you to plan ahead and meet your deadlines every time.

You can even keep it on when you head to the pool, which will save you valuable time, plus you’ll always be able to keep your eye on those minutes ticking by.

7. Calvin Klein Orange Watch

calvin klein orange watch

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your wardrobe but you want to keep it sophisticated, then this orange watch from Calvin Klein is ideal. It will not only keep you super punctual but it’ll look super chic on your wrist wherever you wear it.

This beautiful watch features a textured leather band in a gorgeous shade of orange that will brighten up even the dullest of days. It has a convenient buckle closure, so you can easily adjust the fit and make sure it stays safely in place.

This Swiss Quartz watch has a polished silver tone metal case, that’s 44 millimeters in diameter, so it’ll stand out nicely on your wrist. The large, round dial is silver colored with glossy silver tone hands and hour markers, giving it a refined, classy look that is perfect for everyday wear.

This orange watch is just what you need to add a touch of elegance to your casual wardrobe while adding a stylish pop of color to your day. It will look fantastic on your wrist and will keep you right on time. Just don’t go jumping in any pools with it, as it’ll only survive a rain shower and some occasional splashes.

8. Swatch Full Blooded Naranja Orange Watch

swatch orange watch

For equal doses of fun and style, this bright orange watch from Swatch is the ideal choice. This vibrant timepiece is sure to add a cheerful note to your day.

This colorful Swiss Quartz watch features a plastic link bracelet band in a beautiful rusty shade of orange, and has jewelry clasp closure to keep it secure. At 50 millimeters, the translucent and orange case is not for shrinking violets, as it will have a prominent look on your wrist.

The watch is ultra durable, with its plastic architecture, and is further protected with the scratch resistant mineral dial window. The dial is a vibrant orange color with silver tone hands that have a luminous accent, so you can see the time better in the dark, and there are also three inner dials.

The hours are marked by round, clear crystals, which give a touch of glamor to the design without taking away from its sporty appearance. You can even see the date on the dial, so you won’t ever miss that important meeting.

This is a terrifically trendy watch for wearing everyday and it will definitely jazz up your casual styles. However, despite its water friendly appearance, it’s not suitable for swimming, but it will survive running out in the rain.

It will make a great watch for anyone who loves to show off their colorful personality but still needs to keep an eye on the time. It even comes in a contemporary little presentation gift box, so it would make a great gift!

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