8 Snuggly Sloth Socks Your Feet Need


Look down. Look up. You know what’s missing? A cute pair of sloth socks on your feet. We’ve found 8 pairs of socks that will make your feet 10 times more adorable and keep your feet nice and toasty – especially in the winter months! In this list you’ll find a mixture of men’s sloth socks and women’s sloth socks – all in varying sizes. There are knee socks, ankle socks, and plain old ordinary socks. In other words, there’s a pair for everybody. A sloth could quite easily fit into a pair of the first socks on our list… that would be a terrifying sight!

1. Sock It To Me SLOTH Womens Knee Socks Purple

Women's Knee High Sloth Socks

These adorable knee socks are super comfy and look amazing! They’re a good price and they’ll last you a long time. The sloths look adorable and you’ll definitely turn a few heads with these sloth socks on. Even if you’re tall you’ll still find these fit nicely, so don’t let that put you off!

2. Socksmith Men’s Sloth Crew Socks in Black

Men's Sloth Socks

A pair of sloth socks for the guys now – these socks are comfy and durable and they’re not too expensive either! The quirky sloths will obviously help with the ladies, who could resist? If anyone saw you in these socks you’d instantly become the coolest guy around.


3. Socksmith Women’s Socks Sloth Bling Crew Raspberry

Red Men's Sloth Socks

Spice it up a bit with these colorful sloth socks! The bright red raspberry color is extremely eye catching, so you’ll have to pair these with the right outfit! The blinged out sloths are hilarious and you’ll get tons of compliments!

4. Sock It To Me Sloth Ankle Socks, One size – Green

Sloth Ankle Socks

Time to get down with these ankle socks – the 2 cute sloths will keep you company through your travels and the blue is a really nice color. The color doesn’t fade in the washe and they’re good quality, so you won’t be let down!

5. neff Men’s Sloth Snow Socks

Sloth Socks

These sloth socks are the most expensive out of the bunch, but they are incredibly warm and snuggly… Your feet will thank you! The style is cool and doesn’t have an interfering pattern, so it won’t feel weird wearing them. They’ll last you a long time and you deserve to spoil yourself!

6. TooLoud Cute Hanging Sloth Adult Crew Socks

Cute Sloth Socks

These plain white socks with a little sloth on are adorable and simple. If flashy isn’t your thing, but you love sloths, these are the socks for you. They’re very durable and will survive the test of time – they’re perfect gym socks!

Psst! Here’s a bonus Christmas version of these socks!

7. I Love Sloths Women Socks Cotton New Gift Fun Unique Fashion

I Love Sloths Socks

These cute sloth socks are for the real lovers of sloths! Can you dedicate yourself to sloths any more than these socks? There’s also a nice bit of information on the bottom full of sloth facts!

8. Socksmith Women’s Socks Sloth Bling Crew Kiwi

Kiwi Sloth Socks

Similar to the red sloth socks earlier, these yellow / kiwi ones you’ll have to find the right outfit to match with. It has the same cool sloth as the other ones as well, so pick your favorite color… or better yet, treat yourself to both and alternate them every day!

That sums up our top 8 list of sloth socks! We hope you found the perfect pair for you and your feet! If your feet still aren’t satisfied, don’t stop here. Maybe you’ll be able to find even more sloth socks on the internet some where! If you enjoyed this article and would like to check out some of our others, here are our suggestions:


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  • October 10, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    Are you a long sock or short sock type of person? The best sloth sock is clearly the fourth one!


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