9 Black Necklaces You Need To See


Black will always be in style. It’s a color that flatters and brings out your eyes. Everyone looks good in a little black outfit. It’s classic and timeless, but you also need the perfect little accessory to go with that perfectly flattering outfit.

A black necklace is a chic accessory that will go with just about anything. You can wear it to compliment your black outfit and enhance your stylish look or you can wear it to highlight other colors in your wardrobe. You can go bold, with a fabulous statement necklace, or be subtle, with a delicate piece.

Maybe you need a little inspiration, so here are 9 black necklaces you need to see, to give you a better idea of what you might be looking for.

1. Tahitian Cultured Black Pearl Infinity Pendant Necklace

black pearl pendant necklace

If you’re looking for an exquisite piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time, then this stunning black pearl necklace is the perfect piece. It is ultra elegant and beautifully delicate, and it would be the ideal black necklace for any important event.

This gorgeous necklace features a 9 millimeter Tahitian cultured pearl, in the most beautiful shade of black. The natural hue of the pearl means other colors can be seen in the tone, as the light catches it.

The black pearl is set at the end of a sterling silver infinity symbol, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to give a special gift to a loved one. The fine sterling silver chain compliments the dainty look of the pendant and measures 17 inches in length, so it can be easily worn with a range of different outfits.

This necklace would be a brilliant piece of jewelry to wear to a formal event, adding a wonderful feminine touch of sophistication to your overall style. It would also make a great necklace for wearing everyday, as it has a delicate feel and a natural style that will add elegance even to casual wardrobes.

With the infinity symbol on the pendant, it would be fabulous gift for showing your affection or endless love for someone, and you know it will be treasured by whomever receives it!

2. Jane Stone Triangle Collar Black Statement Necklace

black triangle necklace

So, you’re in need of a little statement piece that will look chic and trendy. Well, this black necklace from Jane Stone is just that. It has a retro feel to it, so it’s super on trend, as well as having a clean look that will add a touch of sophistication to almost anything in your wardrobe.

This black necklace features 5 large triangles in a black resin, on a yellow gold tone background. The yellow gold tone chain measures just under 22 inches but benefits from having a 3 inch extender chain tail, so you’re free to make the necklace a bit longer to suit your styles.

This is a gorgeous necklace that will look glamorous when you’re keeping it casual but will also look super trendy when you’re heading out on the town with the girls. Because of its style, and its adjustable chain, the necklace will also look cute as a collar over your favorite shirts, especially a fresh white one, which will bring out the bold black color.

It’ll also look great with bright solid colors, like yellow or pink! So there’s even more reason to add this to your collection!

3. Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendant Necklace

black onyx necklace

For anyone who’s looking to add a little piece of stylish black to their wardrobe without going overboard, then this beautiful black necklace is just the thing. This is delicate and feminine, and even has just the right amount of glitz and sparkle.

This necklace has a stunning genuine black onyx pendant, which is cut to give a beautiful sparkle when the light hits it. For even more sparkle, this necklace has a white topaz crystal stone, that sits just above the onyx, on the pendant, adding extra glitz to this dainty design.

The gemstones are set in sterling silver, and the delicate chain is also sterling silver, adding extra radiance and durability to the necklace.

The chain is 18 inches long, with a spring ring clasp, which sits beautifully on your neck and compliments the size the little 10 millimeter onyx stone. This necklace would make the ideal piece of jewelry for wearing everyday, as it’s classy and chic and will add a fabulous, but subtle, bit of bling to your day.

It would also make a great gift for your other half, as onyx is the traditional gemstone to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Or, you could just treat yourself and harness some of the protective powers that onyx is said to have!

4. Sumaju Lace Gothic Black Choker Necklace

Gothic black choker necklace

Chokers are all the rage right now, and this trendy black necklace is sure to attract attention from your friends. The Gothic style will add a glamorous element to your wardrobe and will give your outfits a feisty look.

This black necklace features a lace fabric choker, with a vintage design and black resin charms that hang at the front. The multiple black metal chains that loop from the lace choker add to the overall Gothic appearance.

This black lace necklace measures around 15 and a half inches in length but comes with an adjustable chain at the back, so you can get the perfect fit. The necklace is handmade, which gives it even more of a charm, and the resin gemstones that hang from the lace give it an attractive quality.

This is a superb piece of jewelry for wearing on a night out with the girls, and it’s a fantastic statement piece! It will definitely add glamor to whatever you’re wearing and will look ultra chic with dresses and tops that have an elegant style or a boho element. And you know all your friends will be desperate to know where you got it!

5. White Gold Akoya Cultured Black Pearl Necklace

black pearl necklace

For the ultimate in luxury jewelry, this gorgeous black pearl necklace will be hard to beat. Pearls will always be in style and will always look chic and luxurious, and this black pearl necklace is no different.

Featuring black Akoya cultured pearls from Japan, the necklace measures 18 inches in length and contains 30 pearls of between 8 and 8 and a half millimeters. The length of this string of pearls is known as the princess length, so you can wear it and look just as regal as a member of any royal household.

The pearl clasp closure is 14 carat white gold, so the necklace will stay securely in place on your neck without any worry. Each pearl is natural, and so individual in appearance, and delivers multi-colored shell colorings through the black, as each one shimmers in the light.

This is a stunning piece of jewelry that will give you timeless elegance and will add a touch of class to any outfit. The natural appearance and gorgeous color of this black necklace means you can wear it to accessorize a casual style or wear it to perfectly complete any formal outfit, and you know you would look simply stunning.

These black pearls would also make a stylish gift, and they come ready to wrap in their own little gift box.

6. Scheppend Gold Plated Crystal Black Rose Pendant Necklace

black rose pendant necklace

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of costume jewelry that will not only look stylish but will have sufficient sparkle and glamor, then this gorgeous black rose necklace from Scheppend might just meet your needs.

This pretty black necklace has a white gold plated pendant in the shape of a rose, painted black, with white gold detailing to give extra dimension. The black rose is accented with clear rhinestone crystals, adding sparkle and bling.

The chain is a white gold plated alloy metal, which adds extra radiance and shine, and measures just under 18 inches. The chain also has an extender chain tail, which adds a little under 2 inches to the length, but lets you adjust the size quite easily and quickly.

This necklace would make a fabulous gift for anyone who likes pretty things. It would be a fantastic necklace for wearing for all occasions, both casual and formal, and its chic colors means it will go with a whole bunch of your outfits, adding a little style to whatever you wear.

7. Holylove Black Crystal Ribbon Choker Necklace

black choker necklace

Channel your inner Victorian charm with this stylish and feminine bib-style choker necklace. This chic black necklace will let you look chic and sophisticated at any party and will be the statement necklace that everyone will want for themselves.

This black choker will definitely add some bling to your world, featuring glass beads ranging from black to clear, and clear rhinestone crystals, to give you that extra sparkly boost. The beads and crystals are sewn onto a felt background, making it comfortable to wear and helping it to sit better on your neck.

The necklace is on a ribbon chain, so you can easily tie it to fit and have it at whatever length you want.

This will make a wonderful piece of statement jewelry and will look a lot more expensive than it actually is! It would be the perfect accessory to wear to a party or a swanky event. Its design will let you customize the look and wear it over your crisp white shirt for a chic daytime look, or with an elegant dress for a glamorous evening look.

You could even give it as a gift to one of your fashion conscious friends, and it comes ready packaged in its own little gift box.

8. Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Black Heart Pendant Necklace

black heart pendant necklace

Now, this is a pretty little necklace that will catch everyone’s eye! This adorable black necklace is cute and stylish, and is just the piece of jewelry you didn’t know you needed.

This charming little necklace features a stunning black Swarovski crystal heart shaped pendant, that is multi-faceted to reflect any light it catches, giving it that sparkling appearance. The black crystal heart is suspended from a delicate piece of sterling silver, which gives it an elegant look.

The fine chain is a rolo chain design in sterling silver and measures 18 inches in length, with a spring ring clasp closure, to help keep it securely in place.

The length of this necklace and the delicate appearance make this the ideal necklace for wearing everyday. The beauty of this necklace is that you can wear it with just about everything, making it ideal for adding a little sparkle to your everyday wardrobe.

Its elegant look means it would be perfect for wearing to work or school, out to lunch or out for cocktails; you can wear it just about anywhere!

9. 1928 Jewelry Jet Essentials Jet Black Crystal Collar Necklace

black jet necklace

If you’re looking for vintage glamor but you don’t want to pay a vintage price tag, then this exquisite black necklace could be just for you. With this dazzling necklace, you will feel like you’re wearing a fabulous piece of treasure from days gone by.

This beautiful necklace has three large flower shaped pendants built onto the chain of the necklace, each with sparkling black Lucite stones set in the center, for a jet-like appearance. The floral shapes also contain clear crystals, to give extra sparkle and glamor to the design, and are accented by the black gemstones and metal detailing on either side.

The metal alloy chain is colored in an antique silver tone, to give the necklace a true vintage appearance, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing an expensive family heirloom. The chain is 16 inches in length, so you can wear it as a collar over your tops, as well as with low cut tops and dresses.

It would be a great gift for anyone who yearns for vintage styles and loves the sophisticated elegance of centuries past. It will definitely add glamor to your wardrobe, whether you’ve got a brunch date or you’re heading out for the evening. It even comes in a little gift box!

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