9 Orange Earrings You Need In Your Life


Orange is such a bold color and many people find it difficult to wear, but you don’t have to go all out if you’re not ready! Orange can add a fun, vibrant feel to any style; you just have to know how to wear it. So, what could be easier than to adorn yourself in a little piece of orange jewelry, and orange earrings are just the thing!

With a pair of orange earrings you can add a splash of color to your day and brighten up your wardrobe in any season, all while looking super sleek! So, check out these 9 orange earrings you need in your life and get yourself ready to dazzle.

1. Body Candy Handcrafted Orange Dichroic Glass Dangle Earrings

orange glass earrings

Check out these fabulously shiny orange earrings! They’re just what you need to add a stylish pop of color to your wardrobe. Not only are they beautiful but they’re handcrafted and made in the USA.

These gorgeous orange earrings feature a dichroic glass stone in a stunning shade of orange with brown and golden hues through it, and shaped like a natural stone. The glass is wrapped in a rose gold tone metal wire, that accentuates the colors in the stone.

Above the stone is a sparkling little orange Swarovski crystal, which gives even more radiance to the earrings. The earrings have rose gold tone stainless steel fishhook backs, so they’re durable and comfortable.

These fabulous earrings will dangle on your ears, reflecting all the light they can catch. They measure just under an inch and a half in length, with the stone being just over half an inch, so hang nicely on your ears without being too overpowering.

These orange earrings would add a unique touch to casual styles, where you just need a little something to jazz up an outfit. They’d also look fabulous with autumnal colors, giving a warm glow to your overall style.

2. Navachi Gold Plated Orange Enamel Crystal Flower Earrings

orange enamel flower earrings

If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with a little bit of tropical style but you don’t want to go overboard, then how about these stunning orange earrings from Navachi. They’re bright, colorful and super stylish, and will add an exotic twist to just about anything!

These beautiful orange earrings feature 18 carat yellow gold plated studs crafted into the shape of a layered flower. The flowers are bright orange enamel with white rhinestone crystal detailing at the center and gold plated accents on the leaves.

These sparkling earrings measure just over three quarters of an inch long and a little less wide, so they’ll stand out in style when you’ve got them on. They have a gold plated leverback style closure, so it forms as more of a loop on your ear and there are little rubber backs to help keep them secure.

These orange earrings would look exquisite with a summer dress for a stroll along the beach, or bring that tropical style to your work and wear them to brighten up everyone’s day. They would look fabulous with a little orange clutch bag or some bright orange shoes if you’re heading to a party!

3. Peora Sterling Silver Orange Baltic Amber Dangle Earrings

orange amber earrings

So, you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s just a little bit different but will keep you looking stylish on any occasion. Well, how about these elegant orange earrings from Peora? They have a delicate look that will add a warm touch of color to anything in your wardrobe.

These beautiful orange earrings feature a genuine round Baltic amber stone, in a fiery orange hue, and set within a sterling silver open spiral design. The spiral design loops around like a silver ribbon and has a heart shaped style about it, making it a beautiful piece that will be treasured by anyone who receives it, especially if it’s as a gift from a loved one.

The earrings have a sterling silver fishhook back, so they’ll dangle daintily from your ears. From the top of the hook to the bottom of the earring, they measure an inch and a half, and they measure just under half an inch wide, so they’ll definitely spark attention from your friends.

With the natural amber stones, you may also gain some healing powers, as amber is said to balance emotions and keep you free of any stress.

These earrings would look super chic with casual styles and would be a great piece of jewelry for wearing with neutral tones. With their autumnal colors, they’d also be a fabulous accessory for the fall and would look ideal with a cozy sweater!

4. Round Orange Wooden Dangle Earrings

orange wood earrings

Make a statement in these fabulous bright orange earrings! With this bold piece of jewelry you won’t need to adorn yourself with any other accessory; except, of course, a chic pair of orange heels!

These gorgeous earrings are handcrafted out of wood and shaped into a round disc with a little circle cut out of the middle, for added style. The wooden earrings are dyed a bright orange shade, so they are sure to add a vibrant splash of color to your day!

These superb orange earrings are large and bold in style, measuring around an inch and a half in diameter, so they’ll certainly stand out in the crowd, and they feature a silver tone fishhook back, so they’ll dangle from your ears.

These orange earrings are just what you need to brighten up a dull wardrobe and they will look great with either a pretty sun dress or just your jeans and T-shirt. Their wooden style makes them extra versatile, so you can dress them up or dress them down – they’ll just go with the flow!

5. Gold Swarovski Orange Topaz Birthstone Stud Earrings

orange halo studs

Now, these stunning little orange earrings will have everyone asking you where you got them. You don’t have to go all out when it comes to orange jewelry and these cute little earrings are proof that sometimes less is more.

These radiant orange earrings feature a sparkling round Swarovski crystal in a beautiful shade or orange, to emulate topaz, the birthstone for February. The crystal is set in 10 carat yellow gold and set within a dainty gold halo, designed to look like a little rope.

This design gives the earrings a chic look and, with them being just over a quarter of an inch in diameter, they are dainty and delicate enough for you to wear everyday. The backs of the earrings are butterfly friction backs, so you know they’ll be secure on your ears if you’re wearing them all the time.

These earrings are so elegant that you can wear them to formal events, as well as to work or school. The birthstone element means they would make a special gift for any friend or loved one and their small size means you can easily team them up with your other jewelry without worrying about it being too much glitz.

These sparkling earrings will create a warmth for your face and will add a subtle touch of color to any outfit.

6. Gem Stone King Mystic Topaz Orange Sapphire Drop Earrings

orange crystal drop earrings

If you’re in search of a dazzling pair of orange earrings that will add color to your day and keep you looking elegant, then these pretty orange earrings from Gem Stone King could be just what you’re after.

These magnificent earrings feature a round genuine mystic topaz crystal in a remarkable shade of orange and set in sterling silver. Above the mystic topaz is a smaller round created orange sapphire crystal, also set in sterling silver.

The topaz has a diameter of 6 millimeters and the sapphire measures just 3 millimeters, so they’re extra dainty but full of sparkle! The earrings feature a French wire hook back, which will keep them safe on your ears and let them dangle gracefully wherever you go.

These dazzling orange earrings will look fabulous with anything in your wardrobe. They’re glitzy enough to wear on a night out with the girls but they’re also sophisticated enough to wear to a casual family brunch. They’d go beautifully with summer styles and they’d be a glamorous accessory for jazzing up your fall wardrobe.

7. Orange Crystal Rhinestone Basketball Stud Earrings

orange basketball studs

For any sports fan out there, these orange earrings are the ideal accessory. Show off your sporty side and dazzle your friends with these super cute basketball earrings! They’re not only fun and stylish but they’ll add a sparkling touch of color to everything in your wardrobe.

These awesome little earrings feature yellow gold tone studs designed in the shape of a basketball, with little orange rhinestone crystals and black enamel for extra detailing.

These gorgeous earrings are pretty large, measuring just over half an inch in diameter, and they will sit slightly lower on your ears than a traditional stud earring, giving them an extra bold presence on your ears. They also have little gold tone brass bullet backings, making them easy to get on and off.

These cute earrings would make the ideal gift for any basketball fan who loves to stay on trend with stylish accessories. They would be a fun way of adding color to your day while keeping your love of sports on display, and they’d be a fantastic bit of bling to jazz up your casual styles!

8. Style Arthouse Coral Islands Orange Mother Of Pearl Drop Earrings

orange coral earrings

So, you’re looking for something with a bit of a casual flair that is still sleek enough to be elegant and feminine. Well, how about these fabulous orange earrings from Style Arthouse! Not only are they absolutely stunning but they’re versatile and ideal for any occasion.

These beautiful earrings feature a natural mother of pearl stone, that has been dyed to produce the orange and coral hues. Just above the mother of pearl is a small orange Swarovski crystal, which gives added sparkle to the earrings and helps it to glisten in the light.

These earrings feature a French wire hook back in a silver plated metal, so the stones will dangle beautifully from your ears. The length of the stones is just under an inch, with the total length of the earrings being an inch and a half, so they’ll stand out in style and add a wonderful pop of color to your outfit.

These orange earrings would be an ideal accessory for a casual event and because of their natural appearance, they’d give an effortless but chic look to anything you wear. They would also look stylish at a summer wedding, especially if you had some coral or orange shoes to help bring out the color!

These pretty earrings have a laid back feel, so they’d look equally good when you’re heading out to lunch or making your way round the mall.

9. StarK Sterling Silver Orange Crystal Flower Stud Earrings

orange flower studs

If you’re looking for a little piece of sparkling orange jewelry that’s stylish enough to wear everyday, then these cute orange earrings from StarK could be just what you’re after. They have enough glitz and color to brighten up your day and are dainty enough for you to wear anywhere you like!

These adorable orange earrings feature a simulated orange cubic zirconia crystal carved into the shape of a flower and set in a sterling silver flower shaped stud. The little crystal is designed to resemble an orange fire opal gemstone, so it has a deep color and is cut so that it sparkles as the light catches it.

The earrings have sterling silver butterfly friction backs, so you know they’ll be safe and secure on your ears if you’re wearing them all day.

These little earrings are just 8 millimeters wide, so they’re the perfect size for wearing everyday, letting you bring a vibrant color to all of your outfits. With their dainty appearance you can easily coordinate them with your other jewelry or even add a little orange accessory to help bring out the color in your earrings!

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