9 Pink Womens Sunglasses You’ll Love


Are you a woman? Do you love pink sunglasses? Whether or not you are is completely irrelevant. This isn’t going to be a discussion about gender or the color pink. However, we will certainly touch on the topic of sunglasses.

Sunglasses. What are they? Where are they? Who are they? These are the questions our great forefathers asked many years ago. There is still much debate about this today but we are getting closer to an answer. What we do know about sunglass is that they make you look cool.

Yes, even you dorky nerd with pimples all over your eyeballs. With sunglasses, no one will know about your ocular pimple problem. To the rest of the world, you are James Dean, Dean James, LeBron James or Jim Jameson. Sunglasses are great because they hide your true identity. From the moment you put on those sunglasses, your identity becomes something else entirely.

Are you living a lie? No, you are just living a dream. Once you take the sunglasses off, the dream ends and reality washes over you once again. As you might now, the type of sunglasses is what defines your new identity.

For this reason, it’s hard to find the perfect match, especially with our crazy busy lives. Hence, sit back, relax and enjoy this list of the pink women’s sunglass you’ll surely love.

1. FEISEDY Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Metal Frame Women Sunglasses UV400

pink womens sunglasses

What’s the best part about a cat? Is it their not give a f*** attitude? Their cute, calming purrs? Perhaps it’s their sharp, vicious claws. Unfortunately, those are all wrong. We know the best part about a cat is the eyes. Women want them and men want to be them. Fortunately for the women out there, you can have them. Or at least you can pretend to have them with these cool sunglasses.

These sleek, obscure, metal framed glasses are unique. There is no denying that. The true magic lies in the mirrored lens. Nothing spells confidence like mirrored lenses. Have you ever looked at someone with mirrored lens?

Try talking to someone with a mirrored lens. The whole conversation you are thinking “are they listening?” Are they even looking at you? Furthermore, they have the upper hand because eventually, you are staring back at yourself through the mirror.

Suddenly, all your imperfections become apparent and you lose the flow of the conversation. You 0, mirrored lenses 1.

2.SojoS Fashion Classic Celebrity Bold Thick Womens Ladies Cat Eye Sunglasses SJ2939

pink thick sunglasses for women
So you thought we were moving on from the cat eye mirrored lenses, did you? Sorry, think again. This is only the beginning friends and foes. Don’t worry though, it won’t get repetitive. Each cat eye product is different in its own, special way. Take this one for example.

These SojoS Fashion Classic Celebrity Sunglasses are straight out of 1967. It helps you look and feel just like Audrey Hepburn looked and felt back in those days. That’s all because of the great PC frames and PC lens. Do you know what PC means? Not many people do, so go look it up, you animal. Just kidding, here is a little lesson.

PC stands for polycarbonate. Essentially, these lenses are 10 times more impact resistant than glass or plastic lenses. They also provide 100% protection from those pesky UV rays. Now, you can frolic around the outside world without a care in the world.

Stare straight at the sun, drop your glasses on concrete and then stare at the sun some more. The possibilities are truly endless with polycarbonate, so go ahead and test the limit.

3. JOJO’S SECRET One Piece Rimless Sunglasses Transparent Candy Color Eyewear JS017

pink sunglasses

Who is Jojo and what is her secret? Well, it doesn’t take much work to figure this one out. Just examine the picture above. Go ahead and do it. What does it look like to you? Your first instinct is that it looks weird. But why does it look weird? Ok, enough of this guessing nonsense.

As you can clearly see, the sunglasses are made of just one piece. That’s a plastic frame with plastic lenses all combined into one, whole unit. Congratulations Jojo, nice secret you got there. At first, it’s a weird secret but it actually makes sense.

Think about all those times you’ve dropped some sunglasses and the lens pops out or another piece falls out. With Jojo and her little secret, you just need to keep track of one piece. Is it an odd looking piece?

Perhaps, but that’s not the point here. The point is convenience. We live in a convenient age. Everything needs to be quick and easy. With Jojo, you get that and even a little style if that’s your thing. Will JoJo have even more secrets on this list? Read on to find out.

4. Unisex Retro Style Classic Vintage Sunglasses with Clear Lens White Frame OWL

pink sunglasses that glow in the dark

Yes, the title might say this is for women only but let’s break the gender barrier for a second here. Why can’t men and women live together in equal harmony? Let’s pretend, just for one moment, that they can. These particular sunglasses are unisex in all the best ways. Sure they may have a plastic frame with plastic lenses but they are pink and they glow in the dark.

These are the sunglasses for people who don’t take themselves so seriously. They just want to look cool in a genderless sort of fashion. Pink, black, white, yellow, it’s all the same. Now, wearing this sunglass might not draw all sorts of fancy attention to you but perhaps that’s a good thing. Sometimes, it’s good to just blend in and go with the flow.

For a second, forget about the latest trends and what not. Go retro. Go classic. In the word’s of P.T Barnum “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s what we are dealing with here. Sunglass style doesn’t need to be revamped every day. Sometimes, the classic, vintage styles are the ones that truly stand the test of time.

5. Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses Metal Frame Colored Lens UV 400 Unisex

pink aviator sunglasses

Remember how we were just talking about classic, retro styles? Yeah, well we are not done yet. The Aviator style of sunglasses is the king of classic glasses. Some might think that these are only reserved for pilots and 1970’s biker gangs but that’s far from the case. Anyone from your mother, your mother’s mother, or your father’s mother’s mother can rock the aviator style.

While these particular metal framed, plastic lenses are pink, that doesn’t really mean anything. Aviators are all about rebellion. Stand up and make your opinion known to the world. Don’t just hide behind everyone else in society.

Put these sunglasses on and stir up some fake confidence.They practically cover your entire face so no one will really know what you’re thinking. Entire revolutions are created with aviators. Actually, that’s really not true but maybe you will be the first to create a revolution with aviators.

There’s only one real way to try. You have to buy them first. If you don’t want to buy them though, then relax because of there are plenty more glasses on this list.

6. Huashi Women’s Big Box Frog Mirror Sunglasses Metal Small Horse Cart Sunglasses High

pink sunglases
What do box’s, frogs, and small horse carts have in common? That is an excellent question. You best ask Huashi about that one. For some reason, they combined all these elements into one, weird product. They certainly do grab attention though.

Fans of composite lenses will love these glasses because (you guessed it) they have composite lenses! Remember that whole discussion about polycarbonate earlier? If not, then go back and read it because it’s truly a fascinating one.

Anyway, the point is composite lenses have elements of polycarbonate inside them. That means they are high quality. Furthermore, they are polarized which means they will keep those pesky UV rays out of your beautiful eyes.

Seriously though, is no one going to mention the whole “metal small horse cart” reference? What does that have to do with sunglasses? What does Big Box Frog’s have to do with sunglasses?

Surely, there are others out there that are just as confused. If you have any idea what this means, please do the world a favor and share in the comment section below. Millions of people will thank you.

7. GAMT Rimless Wayfarer Sunglasses Futuristic Shield Mirrored Design

pink sunglasses
We are going back to the rimless design for number seven. Why? Because it’s just too darn cool. Unlike the other rimless sunglasses, these ones actually have some serious style. They have a metal frame, composite lenses, are non-polarized and look like they are from the year 3023.

Yes, they look like glasses that some big-headed, hip-hop star would wear. Why can’t that big-headed, hip-hop star be you though? Why do famous people only get to wear ridiculous things? It’s time to take back bold fashion statements from the rich and famous. Whether you are a cashier, janitor, fisherman or ski-lift operator, you have the right. The right to wear weird fashion.

So start off on the right track with these futuristic sunglasses. Walking down the street, people will think a couple things about you. First, they will be like “wow, that dude is weird looking.” However, immediately right after that, they will say “but I respect his love for the future.”

As the great P.T Barnum once said “the future is now.” He’s right. The future is now. The future style is the current style and the current style is the past style. In reality, there is no time. So just wear what you want, relax and don’t hurt anyone.

8. zeroUV – Large Oversized Womens Heart Shaped Sunglasses Cute Love Fashion Eyewear

pink heart shaped sunglasses
Wherever you are in the world, it’s time to reach out to someone and say you love them. Yes, love is in the air. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, just find a way to express your love. Some people have trouble expressing their love. If you are one of those people, please take a look at this next product.

For a second, try to look past the polycarbonate lens and acetate frame. Instead, turn your attention to the two hearts staring right back at you. Wouldn’t it be nice to say “I love you” by simply staring at someone?

It is nice because that’s just what you can do with these glasses. Go ahead. Try it out. Put these glasses on and look at your office crush, the mailman, Mrs. Gertrude down the street or whoever you want.

There is a chance they’ll be a little concerned and wonder why you are looking at them. However, most will understand. They’ll see the hearts and get it. Love is a four lettered word but with these glasses, you won’t need to even say one letter to express your emotions.

9. Tifosi Wisp T Dual-Lens Sunglasses

sporty pink sunglasses
Up until this point, all the glasses we’ve looked at had to do with pure fashion (and a little bit of love). As you know though, not everything is about fashion. Furthermore, the most fashionable stuff isn’t always the most logical.

Let’s say you want to go on a two-mile run. It’s sunny out and you want to protect your eyes. Nothing wrong with that at all. However, do you really want to run in giant, clunky heart-shaped glasses?

Or giant, futuristic, mirror glasses? No. No, you don’t. That’s why companies make athletic sunglasses like these ones. They are lightweight and designed to fit firmly on your face while exercising.

Also, they look to be more aerodynamic than other sunglasses out there. Well, that might not be true but they certainly look better to run in than any other sunglasses on this list. To top it all off, these glasses feature 100% UV protection coating. You can’t exercise if you are blind. Can you? You probably can but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your eye health.

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