9 Purple Watches You Need In Your Life


Purple has always been a majestic color, fit for royalty and used to decorate kings and queens in portraits for centuries. So, don’t we all need a bit of luxurious purple in our lives? The answer is yes!

Purple accessories add a bold, rich color to your outfit and with a purple watch you’ll not only look chic but you can always make sure you’re in the right place at the right time!

Everyone needs a pop of color every now and then, so why not let that color be purple and follow in the footsteps of the monarchs. Here are just 9 purple watches you need in your life right now.

1. Timex Originals Purple Mosaic Watch

timex purple watch

This darling purple watch from Timex will help make sure you never miss an appointment and always show up on time. It’s classy, funky and will let you show off your personal style wherever you go.

This Quartz watch features a genuine leather band with a stylish purple mosaic pattern, giving it a fun and colorful appearance. The strap is super comfortable to wear and benefits from a buckle closure, so it’s a lot easier to put on than bracelet style bands and won’t catch on your arm.

The case is a gold tone stainless steel and is 38 millimeters in diameter, making it trendy and easy to read. The dial is a subtle champagne color, giving it that chic, feminine appearance that will look stylish in any light and will give your casual wardrobe a classy little upgrade.

The dial benefits from gold tone hour markers and hands, with the second hand being a purple shade to coordinate with the band.

This gorgeous purple watch has a mineral crystal window, making it extra tough and scratch resistant and it even has an Indiglo night light, so you’ll be able to see the time when you’re in the dark! It will make a great timepiece for wearing to work or to school, or even out to dinner. Just remember not to dive in any swimming pools with it on, as it’s only splash resistant!

2. Michael Kors Darci Silver Rose Purple Watch

michael kors purple watch

Now, this is a purple watch that you will just have to have! Every other fashionista will be commenting on this fine accessory when you go out with this jewel of a watch on your wrist.

This stunningly chic purple watch from Michael Kors will make you stand out in the crowd and everyone will be looking to you to start the trends.

The two tone stainless steel band features stunning rose gold tone and silver tone detailing, which makes it an easy piece to wear, as it will coordinate well with the rest of your jewelry and you won’t need to sacrifice one piece for another. The clasp is a bracelet style clasp that will give you the feeling of wearing a piece of jewelry rather than a watch.

The rose gold tone stainless steel case sparkles with clear crystals that surround it, highlighting the deep, purple amethyst shade of the dial. The case is a large 39 millimeters, in keeping with the modern trend and helping it to stand out even more on your wrist.

The purple dial is accented with gold tone hands and hour markers, so it’s easy to read the time. It’s a sleek watch for everyday wear but just don’t take it swimming.

3. Prestige Medical Cyber Gel Purple Watch

purple nurse watch

If you work in the medical profession, watches are kind of important. But finding the right one can often be a struggle. This purple watch from Prestige Medical has been designed with medical professionals in mind, meeting all your requirements, as well as adding a pop of color to your work wardrobe.

This Quartz watch is water resistant so will withstand all the handwashing that’s required. The purple silicone band is extra durable and perfect for medical wards, as it can be washed to keep it clean and keep its vibrant purple shade looking like new. The silicone band has a buckle closure, so you have the peace of mind that it’s not going to fall off while you’re in the middle of your work day.

The purple dial is housed in a brushed silver, stainless steel case, and features 24 hour military time with both white and black numerals that are easy to see. The three hands are easy to see, so you can see the time with just a glance.

At 34 millimeters in diameter, this purple watch is convenient and easy to read. It’s a fantastic watch for work, particularly for nurses, and with its bright color it will look great with your scrubs.

4. Broadfashion Vintage Weave Wrap Bracelet Purple Watch

purple wrap watch

If you’d rather your watch looked more like your jewelry then this watch will fit your needs. The super stylish wrap bracelet look is hot on trend right now and with this one you’ll have the upper hand; you’ll be able to keep on track of time no matter where you go.

This bracelet is a faux leather combination of smooth and woven straps to give the illusion of a wrap bracelet or multiple bracelets. There are also gold tone chains on the bracelet, which give it that trendy look.

The watch case is a gold tone metal that measures 24 millimeters in diameter, so it has a dainty look to it. The dial has a mother of pearl effect color to it which enhances the vintage look of the watch, as it also has gold tone hands and gold tone numbers in a vintage style font.

This Quartz watch would be the perfect give for anyone who loves purple and loves to accessorize. It would look awesome with jeans and a T-shirt and would add a lovely splash of color to any casual style.

5. Guess Sporty Purple Watch

guess purple watch

If you want a sporty watch that still has all of the glamorous features of a dress watch, then this purple watch is just what you’re looking for. This timepiece from Guess has all the glitz and glamor that you will ever need in an accessory and it’s highlighted by its regal purple color.

The matte purple tone stainless steel bracelet band is eye-catching and sleek and features a bracelet style clasp closure, so you’ll soon just think of it as another piece of your fine jewelry. It has a sporty look to it and with its slick 37 millimeter purple stainless steel case, it’s also easy to see the time.

The case is accentuated by the sparkling clear crystals that surround it, giving it that ritzy look that everyone will be attracted to. The glittering purple dial will shine in all lights and there are even crystals for hour markers; it’s just that cool! You can also see the day, date and 24 hours on the three separate inner dials, so there will be no excuses for when you show up late for training.

This is a fabulous watch for anyone who likes to keep their shiny personality on show during sports. You can even swim with this watch on, so you can bring the sparkle with you wherever your life takes you.

6. Swatch Unisex Originals Purple Watch

swatch purple watch

For anyone who needs a functional watch that will look great with all your casual styles then this purple watch from Swatch is just for you. It features the fashionable trend of the silicone band, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The bright purple color gives it a vibrant look that will add a nice pop of color to your daily life.

This purple Swiss Quartz watch benefits from a mineral crystal window, making it ultra tough and scratch resistant, so it’s great for everyday wear. The purple silicone band has a buckle closure, meaning you won’t struggle when putting it on or taking it off.

The dial is a bright purple color to match the strap, which makes the white numerals and hour markers stand out even more. The hands are gray and purple and easy to see.

You will always stay punctual with this watch because it also tells you the day and the date, helping you to keep your busy life organized! It’s easy to operate and has that retro look about it that will keep it looking cool with the 80s and 90s trends right now.

7. Disney’s Minnie Mouse Kids Leather Purple Watch

minnie mouse purple watch

So, your kids need a watch, but they’re stuck between wanting a grown up style and wanting one that features their favorite cartoon characters. This watch is the ideal solution for all those problems.

This purple watch has a sophisticated leather strap with an easy to use buckle closure, so your kids can get the feel of a grown up leather watch. The dial features a happy, smiling Minnie Mouse who is there to help them learn how to tell the time. The dial has two separate dials for hours and minutes and the hands are labeled so they can see what the numbers represent.

The case is a shiny silver tone stainless steel and measures 30 millimeters, so it’s a perfect size for kids to see and wear on their small wrists. This Japanese Quartz watch also comes with a punch-out teaching clock so you can aid Minnie in her challenge to teach your little one how to tell time.

It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to get their kids a sleek watch that combines sophistication and fun in a colorful package. It would make an ideal timepiece for kids to wear to school and they’ll even be able to teach themselves on the go.

8. Armitron Swarovski Gunmetal Purple Watch

armitron purple watch

If you like a bit of glitz, then this watch will be right up your street. It will be a sure-fire way to add some sparkle to your life.

This gorgeous purple watch has a gunmetal tone brass bracelet band with a fold over clasp closure and a double push button for extra security. The band features sparkling purple Swarovski crystals running through the center, for that ultra glamorous look.

The Swarovski crystals also feature around the dial, in purple and clear tones, on the brass 27 millimeter case. The dial is a stunning purple mother of pearl, which will look just beautiful shining on your wrist. The hour markers are a silver tone, as are the hands, and the hands are also luminous so they glow in the dark.

This is a spectacular watch for wearing everyday and not only does it look awesome, it’s also practical. With a water resistance level of up to 165 feet, you can even keep it on to go swimming; great news for anyone who hates not knowing how long they’ve spent in the pool!

It also has a mineral crystal dial window, meaning it will survive the impacts from daily life without suffering any scratches.

9. Rip Curl Surf Digital Purple Watch

rip curl purple watch

Attention all surfers! You need a watch that looks cool on your wrist and withstands your active outdoor lifestyle. With this purple watch you get everything you could need when you’re out there riding the waves. Plus, it’s digital, so it’s easy and quick to read.

This watch features a durable silicone band with a buckle closure, so you don’t lose it at sea, and a lightweight plastic case with acrylic dial window to boost its toughness for active sports. You can surf the waves for as long as you like when you’re wearing this watch and you’ll never lose track of time.

The Quartz watch also features extra functions, such as moon phases and tide charts for 200 locations, so you’ll know when to catch the best waves. You can time yourself with the stopwatch feature and you can also see the day and date, meaning you’ll never be running late.

This is a stylish purple watch that will look awesome with all your surf gear and accessories and there’s no need to worry about the watch getting wet, as it’s water resistant up to 330 feet, so it’s built for the waves.

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