9 Purple Womens Sunglasses You’ll Love


For the men out there, what do you think of the color purple? Probably, the first thing that comes to mind is femininity. For whatever reason, society has deemed purple a feminine color. Besides the artist formerly known as Prince (and now presently known as Prince), no other famous male icon pulled off purple so elegantly.

Whether men will ever get the guts to show their purple pride off confidently is unknown. For now, it remains a feminine color.

Purple represents luxury, nobility, ambition, wealth and extravagance. It’s also associated with wisdom, mystery, creativity and magic. Why anyone wouldn’t want to be associated with those qualities is beyond comprehension. It’s never too late to change your mind though.

Sunglasses are a good way to show off your purple love. Yes, technically these will be women’s sunglasses but for the men out there, perhaps you’ll get some inspiration. Don’t fear the purple. Wear it proudly. In the words of Prince himself, let’s ” party like it’s 1999.”

1. Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Sunglasses


purple sunglasses for women

Purple is a classic color so let’s start off with equally classic sunglasses. From the outside, these glasses are nothing special. They have a mediocre plastic frame, with mediocre plastic, polarized lenses. Look a little deeper though. These glasses aren’t all about fancy features. It’s about a lifestyle. You don’t wear these glasses to show off your wealth. You wear them to have a good time.

Whether you’re out sipping beers at the beach, playing tennis with the homies or dancing the night away, these glasses fit the occasion. They show that you’re cool but not too cool to party. They are glasses for the young and restless.

If they break, so what? They are cheap to replace. Furthermore, at least they broke doing something you love. Well, hopefully, that happened. If they broke because your stupid cousin stepped on them, then just make up a story how they flew off your face while you were on top of a moving limousine.

2. SA106 Polarized Lens Oversize Rhinestone Bling Iced Out Women’s Sunglasses

purple womens sunglasses
Everyone has dreams in life. Some come true while others don’t. If you fall into the latter category, don’t feel ashamed. Dreams are meant to be broken. Or is it rules? Anyway, the point is, don’t worry about those broken dreams. They will come true if you really put your mind to it. Well actually, that’s not true either but at least you can fake it for as long as possible.

Say you want to be a celebrity for example. What are common things celebrities have? Small dogs, nice cars, and big sunglasses. Seeing as the first two options are rather large responsibility, just get some oversized, flashy sunglasses and you’ll be on your way to superstardom. But where do you start? Right here!

Just look at these beauties. They are big, bold and sparkly. You’ll catch the eye of everyone on the streets, whether you want to or not. Underneath all that glitz and glam though, there isn’t much to brag about. These are just your average plastic, cheap sunglasses. Society doesn’t have to know that though. To them, you are a successful celebrity and shame on anyone for thinking otherwise.

3. Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses

purple womens sunglasses

Once you are done looking like a fake celebrity, it’s time to take your style up a notch. Experiment a little. Get out of your comfort zone. It’s time to look like a space cat with an attitude. Yeah, people will look at you weirdly with these glasses but that’s just fear.

They fear your style and confidence. They want to be you but can’t quite pull it off. Little do they know that anyone can pull these sunglasses off. You just have to wear them.

These glasses aren’t all about brash style though. They have a sense of purpose. Supported by that beautiful metal frame are two lenses with UV400 protection. These SojoS vision lenses block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. Hence, UV400 is essential to keep your eyes healthy against the dangers of UV damage.

Lastly, these glasses differ from the first two because they are made with high-quality, snazzy material. They’ll last you forever as long as you don’t do anything too stupid with them. Don’t skydive or do cartwheels down Mt. Olympus in Greece. Well, on second, do whatever you want. Just don’t expect these sunglasses to survive everything.

4. VeBrellen Luxury Polarized Sunglasses Retro Eyewear Oversized Goggles Eyeglasses

womens purple sunglasses
Earlier we mentioned how purple sunglasses represent luxury. That’s still true but it’s not just the color alone. If you have purple sunglasses that look all beat up, then that’s not very luxurious. It helps to have a luxurious looking product to match the luxurious quality of the color purple. That’s where these sunglasses come in.

What exactly makes these sunglasses so luxurious? Well, besides the color purple, the key here is size and mirrors. See, the bigger your sunglasses are, the less you care. Think about it. When you see someone walking down the street with huge sunglasses, they seem carefree and important. Add mirrored lenses into the mix and you have an unstoppable force.

Mirrored lenses help keep you safe from the world. Behind those, you can live out whatever fantasy you want. The eyes are the gateway to your soul but if people can’t see your eyes, then they can’t truly figure you out. Strutting around the streets in mystery equals power.

The less you show people, the more control you have over them. Hence, hiding your face under the big, mirrored glasses essentially makes you king of your own, little-deranged world.

5. WODISON Women’s UV400 Protected Classic Mirrored Lens Clear Frame Sunglasses


purple sunglasses for women
We talked a lot about mirrored lenses on the last product and we are continuing to talk about them with this one. However, there is more to mirrored lenses than just hiding your soul from the public. Yes, mirrored lenses actually have a function.

Reflective mirrored lenses are by far the most popular lens style. These particular glasses have the a high-tech lens which offers contrast and the best light reduction technology availbable. This helps protect your eyes from that harfmul light glare. All while looking cool in the process.

In addition, these lenses have 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. When you are out partying like it’s 1999, the last thing you want is eye damage. Ideally, you want to live your whole life without going blind right? Of course you do.

How else are you going to party? Well, blind people can party too but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your eyes. You only get two of them in life so do your best to keep them healthy and in tact. That concludes today’s medical announcement.

6. zeroUV – Mod Fashion Teardrop Rimless Mirror Flat Lens Metal Frame Aviator Sunglasses 58mm

tinted purple sunglasses for women
You can’t talk about sunglasses without mentioning the Aviators. Aviators are timeless. There aren’t many styles that have remained so consistently popular since they first hit the scene in 1936. Yeah exactly, 1936. Can you think of something else from the 30’s that is still popular? Let’s try to brainstorm a little bit.

The Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and Duke Ellington went out of style long ago. You know what stood the test of time though? Aviator sunglasses. They flew our pilots to victory in WWII and now make everyone from hipsters to soccer moms look cool.

These particular aviators are so cool because of their purple hue. You don’t see purple aviator’s every day so wearing these is a statement in it’s own. To top it all off, these glasses have those mirrored lenses we’ve all come to love. If you don’t have any idea what makes mirrored lenses so cool, then refer to number four on the list, please.

7. Women Retro Brand Round Mirrored Polarized Sunglasses Men Vintage Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses

rounded purple women sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses started in 1936 but why don’t we consider them “retro?” Well, for something to go retro, they first have to go out of style. Then years down the road, they become popular again. Take these glasses for example.

Thanks to people like John Lennon, circular sunglasses like these were all the rage. They were weird, bold and beautiful. Eventually, the high from the 60’s and 70’s wore off and people realized just how stupid they were. A few decades passed with equally strange fashion choices (remember the 80’s anyone?) and now, here we are.

Millenials of the world love these retro sunglasses. Just go to any city and find the hippest cafe possible. Then, just count how many people you see wearing these sunglasses. If it’s above 10, then you are in a hipster mecca and should proceed with caution.

Besides looking hip though, these sunglasses don’t have much going for them in terms of functionality. Sure, they are polarized but they won’t protect you too much. Odds are, the people who wear these don’t care too much about health. After all, young people are invincible, right?

8. Edge I-Wear Women’s Wrap Style Sunglasses with Camo Design 32091P-AP


purple sunglasses for women
Sine we are on the topic of style, you know what else never goes out of style? Go ahead. Take a few minutes to think on this one. Of course, the only logical explanation in this scenario is camouflage.

For some reason, camo never goes out of style. Everyone from the celebrities to hunting enthusiasts love camouflage. People love it so much that they experiment with camo in all different forms. Just look at these sunglasses. They have purple camo.

Is purple camo functional? Of course not. Unless you are trying to hide from someone in a completely purple environment, purple camo isn’t functional. Chill out though. Not everything needs to be functional. We’ve already been over this.

Some things just need to look good. Just like you at your highschool crush’s wedding. You don’t need to be particularly functional, but as long as you show up dressed in a tux, smile and hold your liquor well, everything will work out. It’s time to move on now.

We’re getting off track. Let’s stop talking about lost love. The real story here is perseverance. Camouflage survived it all and is still going strong. It comes in all colors and will continue to be popular long after you’re dead. So give it the respect it deserves.

9. Polarized Sunglasses Fit Over Glasses Oval Rectangular OTG Anti-Glare

womens purple sunglasses
We’ve been a bit biased in these reviews today. Did you know that the majority of the world wear glasses? 61% of the world to be exact. We’re not talking about sunglasses here. Like real glasses. People with good vision don’t think about this much but the vision impaired like to wear sunglasses too. How do they do it though?

One option is to wear those special sunglasses that double as normal glasses. However, those can be quite expensive. Another option is to just wear contacts but contacts aren’t for everyone. If only there was a way to comfortably put sunglasses over your glasses with ease. It’s almost like this is setting up some kind of product or something.

Wow! What do you know? Ther happens to be a product that does that right here! These polarized sunglasses are designed in such a way to fit over your normal glasses easily. They don’t look like the coolest things to ever hit the streets but does it really matter? They are anti-reflective and polarized, meaning you get all the benefits of sunglasses without the hassle of not seeing clearly.

61% of the people need sun protection too. We can’t just sit here and forget about them. They deserve happiness just like the rest of the 20/20 vision people. Who cares if these things look ugly? The point is they save your eyes with 100% UVA and UBV protection.

Someday, when you’re old with great vision, you’ll look back at those young, stupid days where you cared about outside appearances. You’ll say “look at me now all you bullies.” The bullies will sit there, blind as a bat while you, run around triumphantly with great vision. All thanks to these extremely ugly glasses.

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