9 Purple Womens Trainers You Can’t Ignore


People run for a wide variety of reasons. They do it for fun. For exercise. To burn off those five pizzas for breakfast. Some people even run to escape their boring, mundane lives. Whatever reason one has for running is up to them and them only. Running is a spiritual activity that many don’t realize.

Perhaps you’ve heard of something called the “runners high.” During long distance runs, certain regions in the brain activate and release endorphins. As you push yourself more, endorphins are produced and the better you feel. Sounds pretty nice right?

Well, as good as a runner’s high might feel, running for that long every day is hard work. Most people are casual runners and don’t put forth that much effort. That’s ok though. There is a way to feel good while running without those endorphins.

If you well, introduce yourself to a thing called style. You know style right? Otherwise known as fashion, mode, vogue or trend. Looking good makes you feel good. At least that’s what they want you to think.

These days, people are putting more effort into how they look while they work out. They want to exercise and look good doing it. As you know, the basis of any good wardrobe starts with the feet.

After the feet, it’s the shoes. It’s hard to go wrong with purple shoes. So let this be a segue. A segue to the most amazing list of purple women’s trainers you’ve ever seen in the history of ever. No joke.

1. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Shoe

Purple womens trainers nike


Jumping off that long rant about style, let’s start this list off hot. Real hot. It doesn’t get much hotter than Nike. Pretty much anyone that matters in the world (and even those that don’t) know about Nike. That famous “swoosh” symbol changed the face of footwear forever. Essentially, if you have one of those symbols on your feet, you are a cool dude or dudette.

Hence, it’s only fitting that we start off this list hot. Real hot. The Nike women’s Flex Trainer 5 shoe is not a shoe for the lighthearted. Can the lighthearted handle a synthetic and mesh blend? Don’t answer. Because the answer is no. Holding that sexy synthetic mesh together is a smooth, rubber sole. No, that’s not a Beatles reference but if very well could be.

Speaking of soles, injected inside them is a something called Pylon which provides a lightweight cushioning. Anyone who knows anything about running knows that lightweight cushioning is ideal. One could go on and on about these great shoes but there’s much more we need to get on with. So, let’s get on with it.

2. RYKA Women’s INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

purple trainers for women

You’re probably thinking “wait a minute, this shoe isn’t purple.” Yeah, ok. It’s mostly black but who cares. Besides, don’t you see the purple streaks on the side? That’s close enough. You’re not the one writing this list so you don’t get a say in it anyway. Stop distracting everything and let’s get on to the logistics.

Just like our friend the Nike in #1, this shoe has a mesh, synthetic blend. It also has a nice rubber sole. So what’s the difference then here? Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this thing called a RE-ZORB footbed. It doesn’t just absorb, but it “re-zorbs.” Get it? Yeah, neither does anyone else. Just roll with it.

As you’ll see later in this list, many shoe companies like to talk about their products like they are science projects. Now, it’s not that their shoes aren’t impressive. They certainly are but this is just a warning. There will be technical lingo like “ergonomic sole units” and ” dual foam midsole engineering.” Just a warning. Let’s continue now.

3. Nike Women’s Wmns Flex 2016 RN Cross-Country Running Shoe

womens purple trainers
You thought we were done with Nike, didn’t you? Sorry, but we are never done with Nike. No one is ever done with Nike. They rise and fall like the tide but never truly go anywhere. Are we still talking about shoes? Yes. Let’s get back to it.

As you can see by the title here, this Nike women’s shoe is designed for cross-country running. So pick a country. Pick any country. Got one? Good. Now run across it. That’s essentially what cross country running is. So, now that you know what cross country is, you need the right tools for the job.

These cross-country shoes have a lightly padded tongue and collar. If you’ve run any long distance, you know how important that is. Big, thick tongues can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. If they weren’t so necessary to the shoe, it might be better if they weren’t there at all. Alas, we are stuck with the tongue. Thankfully we have people like Nike to help us out in that particular category.

4. Nike Free Rn Distance Running Shoe

purple trainers for women
What’s this? Yes, another Nike shoe? Are you starting to think this list is sponsored by Nike? Are you? Unfortunately for all of us involved, it’s not. It just so happens that Nike makes a lot of purples, women’s shoes. Enough about Nike though, let’s get into logistics.

The last shoe was a cross country running shoe. This one is a free run distance running shoe. Yes, that means you are free to run any distance. Run far, run short, run wide or run long. It doesn’t matter. Just run somewhere and these Nike shoes have your back.

The secret here lies in Zoom Air technology. Zoom Air is in the forefoot and consists of low-profile, pressurized air pockets that flex on contact for responsive cushioning. Furthermore, the cushion is a full-length midsole foam that delivers plush, resilient cushioning. To top it all off we have a lovely, Phylon Wedge in the heel for lightweight, resilient cushioning.

Nike loves resilient cushioning if you can’t tell. You’ve heard that phrase on more than one occasion today and you will surely hear it again before this list is over. If that makes you uncomfortable, then that’s just something you’ll have to deal with.

5. PUMA Women’s Fierce Quilted Cross-Trainer Shoe

purple womens trainers
Welcome to the PUMA portion of the show. The next two pairs of shoes will feature PUMA and PUMA only. If you don’t like PUMA or the company offends you in any way, please feel free to skip on to number seven. For those that want to read a few hundred words of superb text, then please stick around.

This particular PUMA is a strange shoe but do not get the wrong idea. They don’t make all shoes like this. Hence, the comparison you will see with the next shoe. For now, though, let us focus on the unique beauty that is this PUMA.

Observe it. Digest it. Feel it. Become it. Done now? Alright, let’s move on to the semantics. This shoe isn’t really as weird as it looks. It’s only bold and brash for the purpose of intimidation and inclination. You see, those who lack curiosity will be intimidated. They’ll fear you and your crazy shoe. For the curious ones though, they will become attracted to you.

Before you know it, hoards of interesting people will flock around you in the hopes of discovering what this shoe is all about and more importantly, what you are all about. Who knows what kind of opportunities arise by simply lacing up these shoes? Oh wait, they don’t have any laces.

6. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’S FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

purple womens trainers

As you can already see here, this PUMA is vastly different than it’s black sheep brother from number five. Does that make it better or worse? That’s a trick questions. There is no better or worse. Existence is not based on better or worse. It’s simply based on existence itself. Hence, the fact that this shoe even exists is equally as significant (and insignificant) as any other shoe out there.

Surely, you didn’t sign up for this faux philosophy lesson so let’s focus on synthetic leather. This PUMA has synthetic leather so if that’s not your thing, then leave now. Furthermore, it has a synthetic sole. Very few parts of this shoe are not synthetic. However, the reviews don’t lie.

People love this show for its sleek style, supreme comfort, and streamlined silhouette. It’s a sports shoe, a lifestyle shoe and everything else in between. Do whatever you want with this shoe but just don’t compare it to the weird shoe from number five. They are two completely different entities. It’s time to move on now.

7. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe


womens purple trainers

Is this shoe pink or is it purple? Does it really matter? We are not here to argue about colors but if you really must argue about colors, then fine. This shoe isn’t entirely purple but it has purple elements. Pink is pretty close to purple anyway but all of this is meaningless.

You’ll forget all about the color of this shoe once you actually try it. It’s the ideal mixture of comfort and performance. Mizuno is famous for their quality, consistent fit and responsive, bounceback. Whether you’re a hardcore runner or just a lightweight trainer, Mizuno covers it all. AT least, that’s what they want you to think. You be the judge though.

Test out their Arctic touch garments that get rid of heat and moisture. See if Mizuno really holds up to their famous name. They’ve been around since 1906 so you must think, hey are doing something right.

No one lasts that long without creating something good right? Can 100 years of shoe buying really be wrong? Probably not. Mizuno even says that “passion is our obsession.” That’s the kind of people you want making your shoe.

8. ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana 2 Fitness Shoe


purple trainers for women

Usually, ASICS show up multiple times on any list about shoes. Today though, we’ve focused a lot on Nike and PUMA products. Well now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for everyone’s favorite scientific shoe.

See the “2” next to Sana in the title? That means it’s the second version of this particular shoe. While it keeps the same, high-quality sole geometry with a fluid fit, the new version has something al little extra. With the mono-sock tongue flexible fit system, optimal support is provided to the heel and forefoot.

Furthermore, the rearfoot gel cushioning system provides superb cushioning. You can run for one minute or 748 minutes in comfort. ASICS describe themselves as “performance-driven athletic shoes” and it’s now easy to see why. These are not just things to cover your feet.

They are shoes that will make you a better athlete and maybe even a better person. Perhaps they might make you a better parent. If you don’t have kids then maybe they will make you a better son or daughter. You never truly know what the power of ASICS can do. Simply put, they are on a whole other level.

9. adidas Performance Women’s Yvori Cross-Trainer Shoe

purple trainers for women
Stella McCartney helped to design this shoe. If you don’t know who that is, then you’re not alone. Thanks to this little thing called the internet though, we can easily find out all about Stella McCartney.

Without giving too much away, Stella is an English fashion designer. That’s right, now fashion designers are getting in the cross-trainer shoe game. It’s not all glitz and glam though. There’s plenty of performance in this baby.

Take the stretchable upper portion for instance. This allows for a snug fit yet flexible enough for free movement on the ground. It’s sleek, playful, and low cut. The mesh and synthetic material make sure your feet breath and don’t stink.

After all, do you really want to be the person with stinky feet? Everyone knows someone with stinky feet and it’s safe to say they just don’t have many friends.

Don’t become the stinky feet person. Cherish your feet. Let them breathe. Let them sing to the world with all their might. Feet are people too. Actually, they are just feet but we still need to take care of them. We only get two feet in our life so keep them lean and keep them clean.

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