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Do you love animals? Silly question, of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

We’ve published hundreds of animal articles on this website and they’re all over the place!

So being the awesome team that we are, we’ve decided to compile a big list of all our animal related posts. How good are we? Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

See if you can find your favorite animal on this list!

20 Giant Stuffed Animal Toys You Need To Cuddle

Giant Stuffed Panda Teddy Toy

First up we’ve got these giant stuffed animal toys! All of these teddies are born to cuddle and snuggle.

We’ve hand picked this fluffy panda bear as our favorite, but there are 19 others that could be your dream snuggle partner.

Just picture coming home after a long day of work, and then climbing into bed with this big guy! He’d help you sleep easy for sure.

22 Hilarious Pet Costumes You Have To See

Super Hero Pet Costume

Isn’t this the cutest little pup in the world? For a reasonable price, your dog could look just as pretty!

If super pup isn’t for you or your pet, there is most definitly a costume on this list that you and your pet will love.

There are scary outfits, funny costumes, and some down right adorable ones. Which one will you go for?

25 Stunning Pieces Of Animal Jewelry You Need To See

Stunning Butterfly Animal Earrings

These gorgeous pieces of animal jewelry will leave your eyes wide and your mouth open.

Hopefully you’ll find your favorite animal on this list. The butterflies are our top pick because they’re super cute!

There’s a style for everyone: rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, and charms. We’ve got colorful and dazzling pieces and there’s plain and simple pieces.

Find your favorite!

21 Adorable Penguin Toys You Can’t Live Without

Mama and baby penguin

Next up we have these adorable penguin toys. You’ll find a toy for both boys and girls in here.

We’ve got cute and cuddly penguin teddies, as well as penguin themed games that will keep your kids busy for hours.

Mama penguin and baba penguin won our top pick. Look how cute they are together!

30 Elephant Jewelry Pieces You Will Adore

elephant pendant necklace rose gold

You’re really spoilt for choice with all these sets of elephant jewelry.

You’ll find beautiful and intricate pieces, as well as simple and stylish pieces.

This pink elephant pendant won our top pick, what will be yours?

Choose from all the earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and more!

20 Dog Sweaters Your Pup Will Love

PetCee Dog Jacket

Have you ever looked at your adorable little pup and thought about giving them a big hug? Yeah, we have too.

Well when you’re not around to heat them up, your dog can get quite chilly – especially if you’re out for walkies.

Dressing your pooch up keeps them nice and toasty, as well as makes them look even cuter.

10 Lovable Giraffe Toys You Need In Your Life

2 Foot Tall Giraffe

If you need a giraffe toy for that one person who is absolutely obsessed, you’ve found the right place.

You can find a cute and cuddly giraffe, and you can also find a bath toy giraffe and some educational giraffe games.

Whichever one you decide to go with, a giraffe fan will love it!

10 Dolphin Jewelry Pieces You Need to Check Out

Dolphin pendant necklace

These stunning pieces of dolphin jewelry will make you stand out from a mile away.

Most of these pieces are a beautiful blue, but there are some plain ones to choose from.

You’ll find a lot of pendants / necklaces in this list, but there is a dolphin bracelet and a dolphin ring up for grabs!

26 Animal Costumes To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Fawn Adult Castume

Whether you’re an adult or a child, it’s important that you keep your wardrobe stocked with at least one animal costume.

You never know when the next party is going to pop up where you need to dress like a foxy fawn or a grumpy gorilla.

Hopefully you’ll find the animal you’re looking for in this list – our favorites are number 2 and 8!

26 Lion Jewelry Pieces You Can’t Resist

Silicone lace art Leo the lion fashion necklace

Having a piece of lion jewelry on your body instills you with power and courage.

Do you want to be as fierce and as strong as a lion? Then make sure everyone knows how much you love them!

There are a ton of designs and pieces to choose from. You’ll find earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and more. Some designs are on the luxurious sides, and some are on the plain and simple side.

See which one takes your eye!

14 Dog Bandanas Your Pooch Will Love

Tail Trends Reversible Dog Bandana with Leather Patch

Style your adorable little pup with a dog bandana to make them stand out from the crowd!

If your pup has a tendency to be a messy eater and drinker, this also keeps the chest hair from getting all tangled.

Your dog will thank you when he or she makes progress with the pooch across the street they have a crush on!

10 Perfect Pelican Toys You Need in Your Life

Melissa Doug Children Hungry Pelican

Surprisingly there aren’t very many pelican toys on the market. We’ve managed to scramble ten that you will love.

You’ll find some cuddly pelicans, but a lot of them are realistic figurines.

If you have a child or a friend with a pelican obsession, one of these toys will do the trick!

18 Monkey Jewelry Pieces You Will Love

jadeite jade chinese monkey amulet

A lot of monkey jewelry has a ton of Chinese culture surrounding it.

If that’s not your thing, we still have plenty of normal monkey necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets scattered throughout this list.

If the Chinese Zodiac is a big interest is right up your street, then you will absolutely be spoilt for choice!

14 Dog Shoes Your Pooch Will Love

Dog Shoes

You must have seen those funny videos on youtube of dogs wearing little boots and being unable to control their legs.

It’s absolutely hilarious and they figure it out within a few minutes, but they’re not just for entertaining humans.

Dog shoes provide an extra layer of safety to your dogs paws and they are especially helpful in snow or blistering heat.

Your dog will thank you!

12 Dinosaur Toys You Have To Check Out

If you or someone you know is a lover of dinosaurs, you need a toy from this list.

Our personal favorite is the grow your own dinosaur kit that’s shown above. You get to nurture your very own dinosaur! How cool is that?

Cave in to your inner Jurassic Park and enjoy!

11 Crocodile Toys You Will Love

While crocodiles aren’t known for their cute and cuddly nature, these toys will definitely make your heart melt.

The list isn’t full of crocodile plush toys though. If you’re a crocodile enthusiast you’ll find extremely detailed and wonderful figurines.

The adorable plush toy is our favorite – look how snuggly he is!

7 Dog Sunglasses Your Pooch Will Love

Do you want your dog to be the coolest dog at the dog park? Not only will you provide that much needed protection, all the other dogs will wish you were their owner.

You’ll find all shapes and sizes in this list, so don’t worry about your giant bear of a dog or your little hamster imitator. We’ve got you covered!

14 Stunning Pieces of Zebra Jewelry

Zebra Teardrop Necklace

Zebras are majestic animals and their pattern has always been a wonderful spectacle to behold.

Our favorite piece of jewelry is this beautiful necklace. Simple, charming, and elegant.

It isn’t just necklaces in this list, you’ll find rings, earrings, bracelets, and more!

15 Cute Frog Toys You Need To See

dreamy eyed plush frog

Who’d have thought that a frog plush toy could get this cute? It’s those adorable eyes!

This list is littered with adorable frog toys, but there are some fun play-time toys and figurines as well.

If you’re a frog enthusiast you can’t skip this article. What are you waiting for?

15 Bear Costumes You Will Love

america bear costume

What is more important in your life: going to bed or looking at bear costumes that you’ll wear once a year.

That’s what we thought – number 4 will blow you away!

Whether you’re after an outfit for a child, baby, man, or woman. We’ve got you fully covered.

11 Monkey Costumes You Need To See

Look at this adorable little guy rocking his cute monkey outfit. How can you say no to that face?

Adults, babies, children, animals, whatever you are – you’ll find a monkey costume that suits your needs!

If someone you know is a cheeky monkey, do them a favor and treat them to one of these costumes for Halloween.

10 Cow Toys You Have To Check Out

cow toys

Cows are adorable gentle giants, there’s no denying it. Not only are they delightfully friendly, they have the coolest and fanciest coats.

Whether it’s a highland cow, with its long luscious locks of golden hair or the simple black and white pattern of the dairy cow. You have to admire their beauty.

In this fabulous list you’ll definitely find the perfect cow toy for you or your cow enthusiast friend.

11 Cow Costumes You Need In Your Wardrobe

cow costume for women

A cow costume, isn’t that a bit – insulting? For some ladies it would be, but for others they wear what they want when they want. Who cares?

You’ll find cow costumes in all shapes and sizes, including outfits for children, babies, adults, animals, and whatever else you can think of.

Our personal favorite is the inflatable cow costume… Go and have a look, we promise you’ll love it!

11 Pig Toys You Have To Check Out

pig toys

First we have to show of Pudgey the Piglet. Look at this cute little dude! Imagine snuggling up with this adorable toy on a lazy day.

It isn’t just pig plush toys on this list, you’ll also find games, figurines, equipment, you name it. Whatever your imagination desires you’ll find hiding in this collection of toys.

Don’t you dare forget about Pudgey. He knows where you live…

10 Pig Costumes You Need In Your Wardrobe

pig costume

Pudgey is still watching… Don’t think you’ve escaped him just because you’re on a different article.

Treat yourself to a wonderful pig costume – perfect for Halloween and parties. And impressing Pudgey – the most important reason of all!

Pajamas, onesies, outfits, costumes, everything you need. All available for adults, children, and babies!

6 Kangaroo Costumes You Need In Your Life

Kangaroo costume for adults

You know what’s perfect for tucking away in a kangaroo pouch? “Duh, a baby kangaroo” I hear you say. You are wrong.

Pudgey is what should be in your kangaroo pouch. What – you thought you could escape him? No chance.

These magnificent kangaroo outfits will blow you away. When you finally get your costume, you’ll JUMP for joy. See what I did there? It’s a kangaroo joke. They jump. Whatever.

5 Kangaroo Toys You Need To See

Giant plush kangaroo toy

Okay, real talk now. Pudgey isn’t looking – I promise. What you should really have tucked away in your kangaroo costume is an adorable kangaroo toy from this list.

You need to make sure Pudgey doesn’t see you running off with another toy though. I can’t protect you if he finds out. No one can.

Our favorite from the list is the giant kangaroo plush toy shown above. Look at the size of it! Imagine this tough fella guarding over your kingdom.

14 Giraffe Costumes You Need To See

Belle House Adult Giraffe Onesie

Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the animal kingdom, therefore these costumes are reserved for people over 6ft. Sorry shorties!

We’re kidding of course. If you want a giraffe costume, you get yourself a giraffe costume. Don’t listen to anybody who says otherwise.

Sizes and shapes for adults, babies, and children. Make sure you check out the inflatable one. It’s hilarious!

13 Fantastic Cat Toys Your Feline Will Love

cat tunnel 3 way toy

If you have a cat, here’s how it’s going to go down. You’re going to check out this list and see a really cool cat toy that your cuddly companion will love.

You’re excited for your kitty, you can’t wait to see his reaction. The toy finally arrives. You unbox it and put it together. Your cat comes sprinting towards you.

He then decides to sit in the box and ignore your lovely gesture. You go get a glass of wine and then your cat comes over to knock it off the table.

Or if you’re a lucky owner and don’t have the devil as a cat, they’ll appreciate all the effort you went to and play for hours.


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