9 White Women’s Sunglasses You’ll Adore


When you wear white sunglasses you are making a statement. It’s a classy gesture. A bold gesture. It shows you have the courage and audacity to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It separates you from the “normies” in life. Why exactly white sunglasses have this effect is anyone’s guess.

Most likely though, it’s because they are rare. People don’t like rare. Rare means unique. As a human species, we generally like to play it safe. Anything off the beaten path is looked at with a strange gaze.

However, there is always that one person that takes the road less traveled. They transcend social norms and push the limits of every boundary imaginable. These are the same types of people that wear white glasses.

Do you want to be one of these people? Do you want to be a change maker? A trendsetter? Or a rule breaker? If you are timid, then it’s ok. Don’t worry. The answer to all your problems lies within this very article.

White sunglasses are the answer. Best of all, they are easy to obtain. The only problem is there are dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from. That’s why we compiled a nice, organized list for your to enjoy. So on that note, please enjoy.

1. Oversized Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses Shield Men’s Women’s Retro 80’s Vintage Glasses

blue sunglasses for women

As we just expressed, white is a bold color. So it only makes sense we start this list with some bold sunglasses. Leico fashion sunglasses are specifically designed to stand out and compete with high profile designer items in the $50 range.

What’s that you say? These aren’t $50? Then what possibly could they be? $10. Yes, $10. For just the price of two, five dollar bills, you can look like a cheap knock-off of someone from any 1980’s action movie. Just go ahead and name it. You’ll find sunglasses like these in any 80’s movie.

It’s not all glitz and glam here though folks. These bold, oversized glasses have a function. To be specific, we’re talking about UV400 standard function to be exact. For those that don’t know, this offers 100% UV protection. If you’re going to do you best to look bold, you need to play the part and you can’t expect to do that with damaged eyes.

2. Sunglasses Classic 80’s Vintage Style Design

white womens sunglasses

As we just expressed, white is a cool color. That being said, cool doesn’t always mean standing out. Sometimes cool means holding back in the pocket a little bit. You know, chilling out. Relax. That’s what you’ll achieve with these retro-styled sunglasses here.

The white shows you’re confident enough to stand out, but they aren’t crazy enough where they steal attention away from other people. The whole point of these glasses is for style and fun. Furthermore, they are white, meaning they go with any color. Blue, black, red, yellow, blue or black. You get the point.

Basically put, white is a flexible color and that’s the essence of these glasses. It’s all about flexibility. The flexibility of style, the flexibility of confidence and flexibility of fun. The flexibility of fun? Yes, believe it or not, that’s a real thing.

See, there are a million ways to have fun but not all sunglasses are equipped for that. Some are meant purely for fashion while others are just meant for sport. With these glasses, they are meant for everything. Bring them to concerts, rock climbing adventures, birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, pizza parties or generally any party.

Being cool is all about flexibility and wearing white sunglasses. With this product here, you get the best of both worlds.

3. Sakkas Vintage Oversized Frame Fashion Sunglasses

womens white sunglasses

Perhaps you’ve noticed (or maybe you haven’t) but oversized sunglasses are today’s trend. Why that’s true is anyone’s guess. Maybe people are less confident these days in their appearance and want to cover up as much as humanly possible. On the other hand, we have a more optimistic suggestion.

Oversized glasses look cool. That’s as simple as it gets. Anyone who suggests otherwise is lying completely. Those people want to wear oversized sunglasses but don’t have the guts. It’s people like these that slow society down.

They don’t want to help the world progress because they are stuck with their stale beliefs. They don’t like change. Well, sorry to break it to you but change is going to happen.

Besides just looking cool, oversized frames actually are healthy. They offer greater protection from the sun. Furthermore, these specific lenses have maximum UV 400 protection. So yes, oversized sunglasses may actually save your life some day. They even come in an assortment of colors by come on, we all know you’re going for the white. If you’re not, then you’re reading the wrong list.

4. Giselle Oversized Square Women’s Vintage Fashion Statement Sunglasses Medium-Large

white sunglasses for women

Since we’re on the trend of oversized sunglasses, let’s keep the conversation going. If you will turn your attention to this next pair of sunglasses? First of all, is it right to call it a pair? It’s just one item after all. It’s not like a pair of socks or pair of shoes. Although, there are two lenses, so maybe that’s where they get the “pair” part from. Sorry for the little detour there, let’s continue on.

These oversized, square women’s sunglasses have a thing called “Xtreme UV.” Besides being spelled incorrectly, Xtreme UV has a purpose. They’re created to stand out and compete with the high-quality sunglasses you see in the $20-$50 price range. However, as you can see, these are only $11.99.

“How is that possible?” you might ask. Well, to be honest, it’s probably made overseas where labor is cheap but that’s beside the point. All you have to focus on is that these glasses are of high quality and compete with some of the best.

On top of that, they offer extreme (sorry, Xtreme) protection from harmful radiation. Even more eye protection than medical experts says you need. As the old saying goes though, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. SWG EYEWEAR ® Designer Inspired Super Cat Eye Sunglasses Snow White

white sunglasses for women


What do you get when you combine Snow White, sunglasses and cats? Think about this long and hard for a second. It might seem like a trick question but it isn’t. You get these sunglasses. They’re white, they’re classy and best of all, they make you look like a cat.

Who doesn’t want to look like a cat? The answer is no one. Even if you don’t like cats, looking like a cat is cool. They made a whole Broadway play out of looking like cats and its one of the most successful plays in history. You can reach that level of fame. You can be a cat and an attractive one at that.

All it takes is a little confidence and $9.00. With those two things, you can get these cat eye sunglasses with a composite frame, composite lens, and a total satisfaction guarantee. Really, SWG EYEWEAR promises 100% satisfaction or your money back.

So if you don’t think the glasses look “cat-y” enough or maybe you don’t think white goes well with your all-orange wardrobe, then you can send them back and get that hard earned $9.00 returned safely to your bank account. It’s a beautiful world we live in, isn’t it?

6. Joopin Women Polarized Sun Glasses Butterfly Big Frame Brand Sunglasses

white womens sunglasses

We’re still on the oversized sunglasses. It’s not going away anytime soon so if they bother you that much, please stop reading. Furthermore, if something like sunglasses even bothers you in the first place, you need to take a chill pill (or four). Take some advice from our good friend the sloth. They are chill animals. Be like them. Relax. Eat eucalyptus.

Again, sorry for the detour. We’re about to get scientific with these next glasses. For those that don’t’ know, JOOPIN takes their sunglasses seriously. Too seriously perhaps. Regardless, it’s hard to argue that they don’t consistently adhere to leading design concepts and creative style. They follow the world fashion while providing you with an “out of this world” price.

They have that design, that texture, that taste, that flavor, that elegance and that noble temperament. What are we talking about again? Caviar? Puppies? Art? No, but these glasses are probably better than all of those things combined. This is a biased review by the way.

JOOPIN takes their products seriously. How seriously you ask? Are nine layers of polarized lenses serious enough for you? You really want to know the nine layers, don’t you? Alright, here they are:

  1. Water and Oil Resistant Layer
  2. Scratch Resistant Layer
  3. Radio Resistant Layer
  4. Dual Anti-reflection layer
  5. Reflection Reduce Coating Layer
  6. Durable Layer
  7. HD Layer
  8. Anti-reflection Coating Layer
  9. Water and Oil Resistant Layer

There you have it. Nine layers of pure, raw, indescribable beauty. This list isn’t about winners and losers, but it looks like we might have a winner right here. Don’t go away though, we still have more ground to cover.

7. Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses

white sunglasses for women

Ok, we’re finally done with the oversized sunglasses. Now, we are moving to a certain type of sunglasses that we rarely ever talk about. Sports sunglasses are a necessity. We need them to look good and work well while we’re out in nature, exercising.

The good people over at Amazon say these are some of the best sports, sunglasses available. They have a large variety of features like TAC polarized lenses. These have seven, diverse layers of protection. Sure, it’s not nine but seven is pretty good. Furthermore, they have a lifetime breakage warranty.

When you’re out there getting crazy with exercising, things tend to break. Whether it’s your sunglasses, your bones or your soul, something will break. Unfortunately, there is no lifetime warranty on your bones or your soul, so you have to take what you can get here. They’re white, they’re tough and they might even help you look good while working out.

8. Armear Women Fashion Oversized Heart Shaped Retro Sunglasses Cute Eyewear UV400

womens white sunglasses

Let’s talk about love for a second. Love hurts and then it burns. Then it hurts again before going back to burning. Waiting a minute, that does not love at all, that’s just the sun drying our your precious eyeballs. You better put on these heart-shaped sunglasses.

Not only do they help protect your eyeballs from that harmful sun, but they help you express emotion. some people are simply emotionally challenged. They hide their feelings deep inside the crevices of their soul. They want to let the world know they love everything but they are just not able. If you’re one of these people, then wear these sunglasses.

You don’t even have to say a word. By simply wearing these glasses, everyone will understand you love them. Even if that’s not your intention, they will understand. Love is a four letter word but with these sunglasses, it’s a zero letter word. It’s silence. Just use this new power wisely. Love is a strong force. In the wrong hands, it is deadly.

9. VonZipper Elmore Square Sunglasses

white sunglasses for women

These are the last sunglasses on this list. You’re probably expecting it all to end in some grandiose fashion but that’s not the case. It’s going to be a lackluster ending. Sorry, but not everything needs a grand finale.

That’s life for you but we are not here to talk about life. We’re here to talk about sunglasses. White sunglasses. These particular sunglasses are not cheap. They’re $75. Is it worth it though? Let’s see what the folks at VonZipper Elmore have to say.

VonZipper Elmore Polar sunglasses are, well, polarized. They have a nylon grilled frame and stainless steel optical hinges. The lenses consist of a base 6 spherical impact resistant polycarbonate material. To round it all off, these are imported from Italy where they are handmade.

If you can’t tell by that description, these are high-quality sunglasses. They won’t break easily on you and won’t scratch like your $10 sunglasses. So perhaps the $75 is actually worth it. Perhaps we did end this list in a grandiose fashion after all.

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9 Red Women’s Trainers You Have To See


Running is more popular than ever before. Go take a time machine to 1973 and see how many joggers there are. Sure, you might see the odd one here and there but it’s nothing like today. Running is cool now. Some people even find it fun. This is great for our health but there is another factor we don’t think about. Along with the popularity of running comes an increase in fashion.

With so many people out there running now, you have to look good. Exercise isn’t just about sweating and losing weight anymore. Well, it is but you have to look good doing it too. Adding on to the fashion aspect, companies are making products that perform higher than ever. It’s a tough market out there.

It seems like every day there is a company coming out with a shoe that looks better and performs better than the previous model. What is one to do when shoe shopping? There are just too many options.

That’s where this list comes in. If you somehow make it through all this jargon, you’ll be rewarded with a comprehensive and entertaining list of the best red, women’s trainers on the internet. It’s going to be a tough journey so grab your water bottle, CLIF bar, and favorite podcast. Good luck.

1. ASICS Women’s fuzeX Running Shoe


red womens trainers

Let’s start this exciting list off the right way. Many consider ASICS as the best running shoe out there. Those people are not just fanboys, they actually have a good point. For those that aren’t convinced, let’s see what this fuzeX shoe is all about.

ASICS describes this shoe a versatile and polished running shoe with optimal cushioning and modern appeal. The fuzeX features ASICS newest midsole technology, fuzeGEL. This fusion of GEL and foam creates the ultimate rearfoot shock absorber that transfers to your front foot during take off. No, we are not talking about an airplane here. We are still talking about a shoe.

In addition, the fuzeX has a Seamless construction which reduces the potential for friction and irritation caused by traditional seams and stitches. ASICS treat their shoes like something out of a SCI-FI film which means your feet are in good hands. Or shoes for that matter.

2. Nike Women’s Rosherun Flyknit Running Shoes

red trainers for women
Next on this list, we have another heavy hitter in the shoe industry. Perhaps you’ve heard of a little company called Nike? Yeah, these guys have been around the block a couple times and know what they are doing. Usually, Nike brings out all the flashy, high-tech terms like ASICS but for this particular shoe, they have a change in philosophy.

“Simplicity at it’s finest” is what Nike calls this shoe. While ASICS is certainly entertaining with their scientific lingo, we must remember that these are just shoes. Ultimately, we want to run in something that is comfortable and looks pretty good. Hence, Nike delivered on that with this shoe.

Features of this shoe include a full-length Phyton insole with Solarsoft sock liner for optimum comfort. On the outsole, you can find a waffle-inspired design for superb traction. Rounding it all out is a breathable and ultra-light Nike Flyknit material. It’s a simple shoe but a darn fine. one at that.

3. Aleader Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sports Running Shoes

womens red trainers
If you’re a shoe fanatic, then you’ve probably heard the name “Aleader” tossed around a couple times. While they are generally a lesser known brand, they still make an excellent shoe. While we are on the topic, what makes an excellent shoe? Great question. Let’s see what Aleader has to say about all this.

Aleader likes to keep it simple too. This particular shoe features double layers of mesh that provides breathability and comfort. Anyone that plays sports or runs know that cool feet make for a better time.
To compliment this mesh is a traditional lace closure with back pull tab. In other words, this is a fashionable shoe with old school laces for full foot protection. The back pull tab makes for easy pull off.

On the inner workings of this shoe, you’ll find shock absorptions and a cushioned insole for a supportive fit and shock absorption properties. This is a lot to take in, right? Yes, but there is even more.

Do you ever run in the rain and feel you have less traction? You’re not imagining things. That’s real. However, Aleader has you covered with their Hydro-grip outsole. This provides good traction and stability for all road surfaces and terrains.

If you slip, don’t’ blame the shoe. This one is on you. Yes, that rhymed, thanks for noticing. There will be plenty more poetry coming up if that’s your thing.

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s New Light Weight Go Easy Walking Casual Athletic Comfort Running Shoes Sneakers

red womens trainers
Running isn’t always about running. Sometimes it’s about walking. Walking is fun too. In fact, it’s underrated. Today, people either drive their cars or run. Whatever happened to a nice, leisurely walk? Well, it turns out there are still people that love to walk. If you are one of these people, maybe you’ll be interested in this shoe here.

DREAM PAIRS has a mission statement. They simply want you to stride along in optimal comfort. If only more people had a mission statement like that, then the world would be a better place. Again, there’s nothing too complicated here. Just a good, old-fashioned breathable mesh fabric with old school laces for a good fit. There’s also a padded collar, soft lining, and ultra soft foam insole.

Yes, they said ultra soft. That’s even softer than just normal soft. You’ll basically be walking around on a sexy, red pillow. As if that wasn’t cool enough, DREAM PAIRS has another trick up its sleeve. According to them, all these materials are man made. Is anything manmade anymore? Probably but at least we know these shoes are.

5. JiYe Athletic Shoes Men’s Women’s Outdoor Tennis Jogging Walking Fashion Sneaker, Running Shoes

red womens trainers

For number five on our list, we have yet another underdog. JiYe is their name and crazy running shoes are their game. See, there’s another rhyme. Let’s just rhyme all the time and eat some lime. Okay, well no one ever said they’d be good rhymes. Anyway, stop distracting the list. We have work to do here.

On these shoes, you’ll find what JiYe called “high-flying woven uppers.” Essentially that just mean the upper portion of the shoe is woven but can you really blame them for getting fancy with it? On the side, breathable, absorbent fabric guarantee you will never have wet, or smelly feet. Furthermore, it’s extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the elastic formation.

When you think about shoes, the last thing you probably think of is the lace. JiYe hasn’t forgotten about the lace and they want you to know all about it. For this shoe, they use ultra-dense cotton laces with a special knit. What this actually means for the performance of the shoe is unknown.

What we do know though is that JiYe cares about their lace. If they care about lace then they care about you. So if we are handing out awards, let’s say JiYe wins “Most Caring Shoe Company” on the list.

6. Saucony Women’s Ride 8 Running Shoe


red trainers for women
Time for a little pop quiz. What is one of the most respected names in running shoes? If you said ASICS or Nike then you are right. You’d also be right if you said Saucony. In fact, Saucony calls themselves one of the “most respected names in running shoes.” That’s a bold statement t say about yourself. Can they back it up though?

From the looks of this shoe, it isn’t the most stylish per say. It looks like it was born in the 1990’s and never quite grew out of the decade. Don’t let the looks fool you though. This is a great, cushioned road running and training shoe.

The padded tongue and collar make for serious comfort. Furthermore, Saucony claims their “Grid” technology is the first sole, based stability, and cushioning system on the market. Thus, giving advantages to athletes of all shapes and sizes.

7. WELMEE Women’s Comfortable Breathable Walking Sneakers Lightweight Athletic Tennis Running Shoes

red trainers for women
At this point in the list, we’ve seen a wide variety of shoes. We’ve seen simple shoes and complex shoes. We’ve seen stylish shoes and ugly shoes. We’ve seen red shoes and other red shoes. We’ve seen a lot of shoes. Despite all those experiences, this shoe stands out from the crowd. The secret, ladies, and gentlemen lie within the flames.

It’s common knowledge that anything with flames is of the highest quality. Think about cars and your uncle’s silk shirt. Basically, if there are flames on it, that means you are to be respected. These shoes are no different.

Besides the supreme style, WELMEE has “five core features.” Do you want to know what these are? If not, then leave now but come back for number eight on the list. Continuing on, the five features are:

  1. Responsive cushioning
  2. Breathable and comfortable
  3. Adaptive support
  4. Extremely durable stability
  5. Anti-collision

There you have it. At first, it looks like a car description but it’s a shoe. A shoe with flames. You’re probably thinking that this list can’t get any better but you’d be wrong. There are still a couple more shoes to go here and they are all amazing.

8. New Balance Women’s W650V2 Running Shoe


red womens trainers


New Balance dedicates themselves to helping athletes and regular people alike achieve their goals. For more than a century, it’s been their goal to research and develop they highest quality shoe possible. Did they succeed? Well, that one is up for interpretation.

Generally speaking though, New Balance makes a great shoe and this is just one of them. They have a nice, balanced blend of fabrics and synthetic material. The sole is nothing too crazy. It’s just rubber but it gets the job done. Like other good running shoes on the market, this running shoe has breathable mesh, synthetic overlays and a padded tongue and collar.

It even looks rather stylish, which is quite rare for New Balance. Usually, New Balance focuses on function rather than form but it looks like this shoe is the exception.

9. On Women’s Cloud Sneaker

red trainers for women

For the last shoe on this list, we’re going to leave you in the clouds. Not literally but sneaker company On call these shoes the Cloud. This versatile trainer is perfect for runners and other athletes thanks to the breathable mesh upper and synthetic overlays that provide structural support. You won’t find any normal lace here though.

With the slip-on and go speed lacing system, the shoe will fit like a glove without wasting any precious time. There’s nothing worse than having to stop every few minutes to tie your shoe, especially while you’re trying to chase that elusive “runner’s high.”

The real beauty of this shoe is the CloudTec sole. CloudTec sole is only active during the foot strike and becomes rock solid firm for an efficient toe take off. This CloudTec sole is made from zero gravity foam that combines minimal weight with superb cushioned comfort.

If you count them all, you’ll see 16 cloud pods that are directly attached to the Speedboard. Not only does this reduce bulk but allows for the sole to adapt to your very own footprint.

It’s a customizable shoe experience and this is due to the central channel between the lateral and middle sides of the foot. This lets the CloudTec adapt to the unique movement of your particular foot. It’s a different experience for everyone and that is a beautiful feature.
Some shoe companies might say their product fits all shapes and sizes but this one actually follows through on that. If you have some oddly shaped feet, give CloudTec a try.

Well, there you have it everyone. The best red, women’s trainers on the internet. Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about shoe technology. If not, then let this be an apology. Sorry for failing you. If you enjoyed it though, then thanks for your time and patience throughout this remarkable experience.

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