13 Fantastic Cat Toys Your Feline Will Love


The cats vs. dogs battle has been ongoing for centuries. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, I’m sure you can appreciate both animals. In this article we’re going to take a look at 13 wonderful cat toys that your cute little kitten will love:

1. Catit senses 2.0 Digger for cats

cat toy

Ever get frustrated at your cat for always pawing food out of its dish, leaving bits of food all over the place? This is the perfect fix for your cat because it taps into their natural instincts to play with their food.

This toy features five tubes that can contain food at the bottom, allowing your cat to pursue its natural inclinations without leaving food all over the place. Both you and the cat can relax with this toy, you’ll love it and your cats will too!

2. Cat Tunnel Toy – 3 Way Fun Run to Keep Kitty Entertained

cat toy tunnel

Cats love closed spaces. Cats love the sound of crinkled things like plastic bags or tinsel. This Tunnel Toy brings those two things together to overstimulate the natural instincts of our feline companions.

My three cats have enjoyed this toy, it provides hours of distractions for them, and entertainment for me. It offers opportunities for your cats to perfect their stalking and hiding skills, which most house cats do not get to perfect due to the environment.

If you’re looking to offer your cats new stimuli in their environment, and you want to see some hilarious scenes, then this is definitely the toy that both you and your cats can enjoy!

3. Petfavorites Original Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat Toys – 12 pak

cat toys

Most cat owners understand the following scenario. You come home with your arms loaded with groceries. Your cats, like customs inspectors rummage and rifle through the bags displaying their curiosity and love for plastic bags and anything that sound similar.

These crinkle ball cat toys offer cats the tactility and the sound that they love about plastic bags. This is absolutely one toy that your cat will play with everyday! It’s a great diversion toy if your cat is doing something you don’t like, or simply if your cat appears to be uninterested in other toys. This is definitely a must have for any cat owner!

4. Petmate Jason Galaxy Holey Treat Ball

cat toys

Jason Galaxy’s line of toys are excellent. He understands the natural instincts of cats, and this toy is perfect. The two balls are not perfectly round, each one has odd angles, which make it more unpredictable to track for your feline.

Most balls would roll on a perfect, uninterrupted trajectory making the play value of the toy low. These two balls offer unpredictable trajectories which increases your cats curiosity, interest and replay value.

My three cats love these toys above all others for just those reasons listed above. The materials are durable and appear to be resistant to teeth and claws, making them ideal for all cat owners.

5. Yeowww! 100% Organic Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

cat toys

Monkeys, and their evolutionary superior relative the homo sapient, are not the only mammals who enjoy bananas. Although, this banana isn’t sweet for either of the previously mentioned mammals because it’s stuffed with catnip!

Have you ever noticed your cat playing with an object while on the ground, doing the “bicycle” with their back claws? Well, this catnip-stuffed-banana is the perfect toy for your cat to “ride its bicycle,” as it’s length is roughly the length of the stomach for most cats!  Get this toy and let your cat compete in the  feline bike race “Tour de la banane.”

6. Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

cat toys

This cat toy is wonderful for the kitten or playful adult cat. Often, when browsing for new stimulating toys for your feline friend, although they see you as a servant, you come across a circular-track toy that has a ball caught within the tubes. This toy takes it a step further as the circuit has bends and rises, making it more interesting and capable of captivating your cat for hours on end.

The ball functions using motion sensor, when it detects motion the ball lights up and race around the track! How fun!! Imagine the delirium you’ll experience as you watch your feline “stalk” this pesky prey!

7. Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

cat toys

After a long day of lounging around, eating and sleeping, what more do you think your feline desires? They need a “massage center” to stretch out their tired muscles! The Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center offers a variety of textures and materials to offer your cat for grooming and massaging.

All the materials stimulate and isolate different areas of your cat, such as behind the ears, gums, neck/shoulder area, often the hardest to reach places for cats. If you ever went to a wellness center, and experienced the luxury of massages, why not also offer your cat the same luxury? Buy this, and you’re feline will love you even more!

8. Catit Liquid Catnip Spray, 3oz.

cat toys

Catnip might as well be meow-ijuiana. Cats become hippies and stoners when they smell, rub against and eat catnip. Their activities range from chill to hyper. Just like broccoli, catnip loses its potency after a specific amount of time.

Side-step this inconvenience with liquid catnip spray. It’s the perfect material with which to deliver this “feline crack.” It doesn’t mess up your floor, and its potent concentrated form allows a little to go a long way!

9. Cat Activity Center with Hanging Toys

cat toys

The Cat Activity Center with Hanging Toys is an excellent toy/apparatus to purchase for your feline companion. When you purchase the feline center, you also receive a bonus liquid cat spray! This apparatus features four hanging cat toys that dangle effortlessly right at eye level with your cat, and within reaching distance when your cat lays down on the center’s soft, comfortable base.

This Cat Activity Center is perfect if your cat is regularly home by him/herself (themselves) for hours on end as you crush it at work.

The Cat Activity Center with Hanging Toys is perfect for helping kittens improve their coordination and for your older cats who may need more movement in their daily life. The center itself is 24 inches tall by 23 inches wide, and comes in two colors.

It is for all these reasons and more that you should certainly pick up this activity center for your feline today!

10. Ethical A-Door-Able bouncing mouse cat toy

cat toys

One toy that you probably already have is a cheap plastic cat pole. You know, it looks like a fishing pole, but instead of a hook and bait you have a furry little animale on the end of a string. Well, it’s fun to play with your cat with this toy, but what happens when your arm gets tired but your cat is still energetic?

Exactly, you click on this “A-Door-Able” cat toy and let your door do all the work as you relax and watch tv!

This toy will keep your cat entertained for hours while you sit back and watch the game or as you binge watch your favorite series on Netflix. No need to keep your cat entertained, let your door do the job!

This cat “a-door-able” toy will also help you to keep your cats from meowing incessantly at your door when you banish them from you or your children’s bedrooms!

11. Bergan Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy

cat toys

The Bergan Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy is simple yet refined. In cat world it’s also a dispensary for liquid or leaf catnip. This toy features two tracked-balls and a hollow space in the middle intended for catnip. When you place the catnip in the center and then put the balls in motion, they serve as a vehicle for dispersing the catnip scent.

Once your cat figures this out, they can auto-stimulate themselves with catnip without you even needing to do a thing. This toy is perfect when you need to distract or offer a new element in your feline’s environment.

My three cats love this toy, and they’ve played with it so much to the detriment of their other toys. Suffice it to say, that this toy has literally saved many objects in my house from claws.

12. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

cat toys

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is similar in design and concept as their Catnip Hurricane, yet different in purpose. This toy features a one-track ball encircling a cardboard scratching surface. This item is perfect for you if you want your cat scratcher to have a low profile in your living room, or any room for that matter.

The apparatus itself is 16″ in diameter and the cardboard scratching surface can easily be replaced; replacements can be found online or in most pet stores, making this toy a very convenient one indeed!

13. 100% Organic Pet Grass Kit

cat toys

You ever hear your cat cough and then moments later (or days) you find a neat little hairball on (under/in/around) your bed or other furniture? Well, cats love to groom themselves as much as humans love showers.

A cat’s tongue has hundreds of mini hooks covering it, just like velcro does. Well, these hooks collect hair and eventually there is too much stuck in your cat’s throat and they end up coughing it up!

Cat grass is an all-natural way to help your cat get ride of their hairballs and it helps in digestion. You see, cats (and dogs) if allowed to go outside will naturally eat grass on a daily basis. But if you have an indoor cat, they can’t benefit from this natural instinct.

With this 100% Organic Grass Kit from the Cat Ladies, you can provide your feline with an all-natural method of controlling hairballs while aiding in digestion. You’ll start to notice how much your cat loves this “toy,” and you’ll start to see a difference over night! Do you and your cat a healthy favor and pick this toy up as soon as you can!

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14 Giraffe Costumes You Need To See


So you need an outfit that will make people look twice for a kick-ass party? Then grab yourself a giraffe costume! Giraffes have the pleasure of being the tallest mammal in the animal kingdom. Why wouldn’t you want to tower over your friends as a commanding giraffe?

1. Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

giraffe costume for adults

Rasta Imposta have got you covered when it comes to fancy dress costumes, and this giraffe outfit is certainly no exception. It offers a deluxe animal costume made from high quality materials that will make you stand out from the herd. The range of materials used gives different colours and textures to the body and hooves and tail which really adds the overall effect.

Details on the headpiece such as the nostrils and mane make this costume one of the most lifelike available. Also what’s great about this particular outfit is that the pants, shirt, headpiece and gloves are all separate, which makes going going to the bathroom a whole lot easier compared to other onesie-style costumes!

2. elope Giraffe Ears and Tail Set

giraffe headband costume

If majorly dressing up isn’t really your thing but you’ve had your arm twisted into attending a fancy dress party, then look no further than this subtle yet effective giraffe headband and tail set by elope. It will set you apart from the other party goers with last-minute cat ears and drawn-on whiskers, but means that you don’t have to commit to wearing a full costume all night long.

The tail is fitted with a handy loop to hook it on to trousers or a belt. The plush-toy material of this headband combo make it super cute we think and will look just as adorable on kids as on grown-ups, and the flexible headband means it will fit just as well on little heads as it does on big ones!

3. Belle House Adult Giraffe Onesie

giraffe onesie costume outfit

The first onesie on our list is this cutesie design by Belle House. What makes this giraffe onesie stand out for us is that it’s stayed true to the classic Japanese Kigurumi style. This can be seen in the big cartoon style eyes and the over-sized and baggy body.

A key feature is also the large buttons that do up along the front of the costume which might take a little more time to do up and undo than a zipper but definitely add to the overall effect. It comes in three different sizes so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for you, whether your a petite lady or muscular guy.

The majority of the onesie is made from polar fleece which is super soft and crazy comfy, making this costume just as good for lounging at home as it is for going out in fancy dress. The cuffs are made from soft flannel which will make you feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

4. Funsies Georgie Giraffe Unisex Costume

giraffe onesie costume outfit

This one-size-fits-all giraffe onesie is the go-to costume if you’re looking for comfort and design. It’s got an overall more life-like appearance than other onesie-style costumes and so it straddles the line between costume and lounge-outfit pretty well.

There’s a lot more detailing in the colors of the giraffe pattern and less of a cartoony look than the kigurumi costumes, particularly in the eyes and ears. The front of the onesie has poppers instead of button or a zip, which make for easy opening and doing back up.

This costume is also fully machine washable so if you happen to get totally giraffed at the party then you can just throw it in the washing machine and forget about it. That also means that it’s easy to wear again and again, so this costume’s good for birthday parties, Halloween, festivals, you name it!

5. Forum Novelties Giraffe Accessory Set

giraffe ears and tail costume headband

This giraffe accessory set isn’t just for giraffes – humans can wear it too! We love this costume for its simplicity and subtlety, it’s not too over the top but it’s still a great option for fancy dress parties. If your kids are fully dressing up as giraffes for trick or treating at Halloween, this is the perfect costume to complement their outfits as you chaperone them around the neighborhood.

The padded tail adds a cheeky little extra side to your costume that people might not notice at first. Both the tail and the headband are padded with super soft plush fabric and are so comfy that you’ll completely forget that you are wearing them!

6. Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Giraffe Costume

giraffe costume onesie for adults

You’re sorted for you next dress-up pajama party with this cosy and comfy giraffe costume by Silver Lilly. Best of all, it’s unisex and comes in four different sizes so you can get matching costumes with your partner or friends.

The baggy fit makes this costume versatile too – while it’s great as pajamas and chilling clothes, it can be worn over the top of your regular clothes if you’re heading out to a fancy dress party. Silver Lilly have included two large pockets so you can have easy access to your valuables when you’re out partying (or stuff them full of treats at your slumber party!).

The soft colors of this costume make it extra adorable and the hood comes complete with cartoon ears, eyes and horns. The nose is extra padded and even features little giraffe teeth!

7. Jianyana crochet newborn giraffe outfit

giraffe baby costume

Don’t let your little one feel left out of all the giraffing around! Now you can even include your newborn in all the dress up fun with this adorable crochet giraffe outfit by Jianyana. It’s made with the comfort of your baby in mind and uses super soft wool and a chunky knit to provide both warmth and comfort for little heads and little bums.

The knitted pattern has a lot of give and will stretch and mould to your little one’s unique shape, all the while keeping them snug and toasty. It’s suitable for babies from newborn to seven months, so you’ll be able to eek months of cuteness out of this one outfit. Pair it with your very own giraffe costume for the full giraffe family look and you’ll risk overloading on cuteness!

8. Funny Party Hats Giraffe Hat

giraffe hat costume

Crank up the silliness levels at any fancy dress party with this ridiculously hilarious giraffe hat by Funny Party Hats. This company know what they’re doing when it comes to party hats as they’ve been making elaborate and fun head dresses for decades.

Their expertise have helped to create a party hat that will make you stand head and shoulders (literally!) above the rest of the party crowd. Bright colors and plush fabric make this giraffe head look hilariously goofy, but you don’t need to worry about it wobbling off as the headband is reinforced and is made to stay on all night long.

The adult size comes in a 8 inch diameter which will fit most adults comfortably, and if your head’s a bit on the smaller size we suggest wearing a beanie underneath to pad yourself out a bit – you don’t want to have to miss out on a great costume like this!

9. Rubie’s Silly Safari Giraffe Costume

giraffe costume for kids

Why take your kids on safari when you can bring the safari right to the kids? Your little ones will love you if you buy them this fabulous giraffe costume made by Rubie’s Costumes. Rubie’s are known for their quality and design, proven in their popularity among costume wearers worldwide.

This costume is a perfectly proportioned copy of their adult giraffe onesie with a few added extras to make it more child-friendly. They’ve replaced popper closures with velcro for easy taking on and off, especially useful for quick removal should anything get spilled on it!

It’s also made a little baggy to accommodate warm under clothes, so this costume can be worn in all seasons and is a great go-to costume for birthday parties, family gathering, school plays and even Halloween!

10. Giraffe Mask : Deluxe Latex Animal Mask

giraffe mask costume

We’ve all seen the memes with the horse head mask. It’s been done to death. You know what the internet needs now? Giraffe mask memes. Hell, the internet needs giraffe mask gifs. Become the internet sensation that you were born to be with this Deluxe Latex Giraffe Mask by Forum Novelties.

Hilariously realistic shape and coloring are complemented by actual faux-fur eyelashes, adding a creepily realistic look to this giraffe. What brings this mask down is the cross attached sprayed on ‘detailing’ which just looks a bit out of place and detracts from the epicness of the mask. Even with this, we still love this mask. Creepy or hilarious? You decide.

11. Tonwhar Unisex-baby Giraffe Onesie

giraffe costume pajamas for babies

We wish we were as cosy as this kid looks chilling in his giraffe onesie. Tonwhar are taking kiddie comfort to crazy new heights with their choice of material here, it’s not just polar fleece, but ultra-soft flannel, inside and out. It’s not just soft, it’s durable, breathable and comfortable to wear.

It’s multi-functional too and can be worn as sleepwear, play wear, dress up and party wear, so you’ll struggle to get your little tyke out of this giraffey onesie. It’s fully machine washable and the tough material can stand up to being put through the washing cycle time and time again, so it’s the perfect outfit for mucky toddlers and little party animals.

It would also make the perfect gift for a parent as it’s both adorable and functional, exactly what every parent is looking for in kiddie clothing!

12. InCharacter Baby’s Cuddly Giraffe Costume

giraffe outfit costume for babies

If this photo of a baby dressed in a giraffe costume with a bow-tie doesn’t make you coo at its cuteness then you have something seriously wrong with you. It’s the perfect combination of dress up costume and smart evening wear. This costume is for littluns that like to show their happy-go-lucky side while wining and dining their peers in fancy restaurants.

The headpiece is detachable but its so comfy that your baby won’t even notice he’s wearing it, and it can’t be denied that it adds a whole new level of awesomeness to this costume. The jumpsuit is lined with extra soft material to keep your bubba cosy, and fitted with a zippered front and padded legs making diaper changes and absolute doddle.

So your little one can concentrate on perfecting tying his bowtie!

13. Bodysocks Inflatable Ride Me Giraffe

inflatable giraffe costume

Next time you receive and invite to a fancy dress party why don’t you think outside the box a little and instead of dressing up as a giraffe, why don’t you ride a giraffe? You can wow your friends by trotting up to the party on your noble African steed, and leave them guessing as to how you’ve managed to capture and tame such a wild animal.

What’s great about this costume is it is one-size-fits-all, which means you’ll soon find you have a lot of friends when Halloween arrives and everyone wants to borrow your awesome costume! But how on earth does it stay inflated all night long?

We know the secret – a mini fan keeps a constant flow of air pumping into the costume. Don’t forget to get yourself some AAA batteries beforehand though, or your giraffe might be a little on the flat side!

14. Fever Women’s Giraffe Costume

giraffe costume for women

If you’re a woman that wants to dress as a giraffe but look good doing it then look no further than Fever’s giraffe costume. Onesie-style giraffe costumes that you can find on the market are shapeless and baggy, but this costume allows you to show off your femininity while dressing like a giraffe.

The perfect combination! A cute little hooded jacket features giraffe horns and ears and the skirt of the dress flares out into giraffe colored ruffles. The sleeves are extra long to provide hoof-like covering for your hands. The costume comes complete with boot coverings, but you can always wear heels underneath to give you some extra giraffe height!

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