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10 Pink Womens Trainers You Can’t Ignore

Champion Womens Pink Running Shoes

Pink will never go out of style, it sends a message out to all the haters that you don’t give a damn what they think.

Wear your pink with pride and you’ll always look perfect! These pink running shoes come in all shapes, brands and sizes.

Whether you’re look for specific fit, durability, cheap, branded, we’ve got you covered. No matter which shoe you go with, we only recommend the best.

10 Blue Womens Trainers You Have To See

ASICS Blue womens running shoes

Maybe pink isn’t your color. What about blue? Majestic, calm, smart. These wonderful trainers will make your workouts much easier.

Treat yourself to a descent pair and they will last you a long time. Sometimes buying cheap isn’t your best option.

All of these fabulous running shoes are tried and tested by countless running enthusiasts. Don’t take our word for it, go check for yourself!

Running For Beginners: Workouts, Treadmills, Shoes & More

Women's Running Shoe

Hit the ground running with our complete running guide!

Everything you need to know about running in one convenient place. We take you through your first 9 weeks and give you a ton of information on running shoes, insoles, and treadmills, and common problems you’ll run into.

If running isn’t for you, what about swimming?

9 Purple Womens Trainers You Can’t Ignore

Nike purple womens running shoes

Purple separates you from the crowd. It’s majestic and eye catching at the same time. You’ll find all your favorites in this list.

If you want running shoes that will survive those early morning runs and keep you going, you’re in the right place.

Nike continues to be a top contender in all of these lists. The sleek design will be sure to turn some heads!

Foam Rolling For Beginners: Best Foam Roller & FAQs

Best Foam Roller

You’ve probably seen foam rollers before and looked at them funny. Well foam rolling is an excellent way to release stress from your body.

If you have a knot or a kink somewhere on your body, you’ll be incredibly surprised by how effective a foam roller is at relieving your ache.

We go into detail on techniques you can use and there’s also some tutorial videos you can check out.

Maybe normal exercise and working out isn’t your thing. What can you do to stay healthy and fit? Well there is a plethora of fun ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

9 Red Women’s Trainers You Have To See

ASICS Red womens running shoes

Show off your fiery passion for running with a red pair of running shoes. With all the styles on the market you’re spoilt for choice.

There’s nothing better than the buzz you get after finishing your workout. That sense of pride and happiness glows throughout your body for the whole day.

ASICS are the winner of this list: durable, smart, comfy, affordable, and stunning.

Swimming For Beginners: How To Swim A Mile

Swimming pool - how to swim

With this swimming guide we hold your hand the whole way. If you have never touched a pool in your life, this guide is for you.

We teach you the very basics and provide videos to help you learn your kicks and strokes.

You’ll also find a detailed workout plan which takes you to your first mile swim!

It’s never too late to learn and it is a valuable life skill that could one day save your life.

If running and swimming just isn’t your thing, maybe you enjoy bike riding? This guide is all about riding a bike with your dog, but riding on your own is excellent for your health.

10 White Womens Trainers You Have To See

Nike White Womens Running Shoe

Although white running trainers aren’t the best color for staying clean, you can’t deny the pristine and fresh look.

If you’re an outdoor runner, especially if you’re intro trail running, maybe another color would be a better choice?

But you’re a trooper and you can do what you want. If you’re a gym bunny and love a good treadmill workout, these are the perfect choices for you. Look good, feel good!

Riding A Bike With Your Dog: Equipment & FAQs

Bicycle With Dog

We go into detail on how to keep you and your dog safe whilst riding a bike.

Riding a bike with your dog keeps your dog happy and if you have an energetic breed it’s excellent for tiring them out!

We also go over helmets and safety equipment you should be using. Never tie the lead to your handlebars! Any random squirrel could cause your pup to drag you both into danger…

All those workouts and running around really tire you out… You know what you need? A foam rolling session to ease out all your muscle soreness.

9 Black Women’s Trainers You Can’t Ignore

Nike Black Womens Running Shoe


Mysterious, classy, simple & stylish. Black trainers will always be a top pick for runners. You can do more work in them before they need a dreaded clean!

Nike hits the top spot again for this list. The design, comfort, and durability will keep a big smile on your face.

Although, number 4 on this list could persuade you to go down a different route…

12 Fun Ways To Exercise And Lose Weight

Hula Hoop For Losing Weight

The beauty about this list is there are a hundred more fun ways to exercise, we’ve just picked out favorite 12. If nothing takes your fancy on this list, don’t give up hope.

You’ll find something you love eventually, whether it be rock climbing, dancing, or even pole dancing!

If you are trying to lose a bit of weight, these fun activities are perfectly matched with our weight loss tips:

10 Tiny Changes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is incredibly hard, but with these small changes you could finally have that breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

We believe small changes made over a long period of time is the best and easiest way to lose weight.

Don’t forget it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. You need to find a balance that works for you.

If you love to eat and can’t resist your cravings, here’s a different route you can take:

Weight Lifting For Beginners: Workouts & Equipment

Weight Lifting Dumbbells

When you lift weights, you build muscle. The only way to build muscle is to eat more than you burn up. Lifting weights essentially gives you a free pass to eat like a Queen / King.

We take you through your beginner workouts and show you some equipment you can use at home if you’re not fond of gyms.

You’ll feel stronger, you’ll look better, and most importantly, you get to eat whatever you want and not feel guilty about it.

If weight lifting isn’t your thing, maybe you should give trampolining a try:

The 5 Best Trampolines You Need To See


Trampolines are tons of fun and they are excellent exercises. Your kids will love you and you’ll keep them busy giving you some peace and quite, providing they don’t break themselves!

We’ve lined up our five favorites, see which one fits your needs!

18 Dog Camping Packs Your Pooch Will Love

Alfheim Cotton Canvas Dog Pack

Going camping and hiking is one of the greatest joys in life. If you have a dog, seeing their happy face and wagging tail makes it even better.

Being a dog doesn’t mean they get a free ride though!

Help your dog to help you by carrying poo bags, water, food, and treats with a dog camping pack. I’m sure your dog won’t mind!

21 Camping Coffee Makers For The Best Cup Of Joe

Presto MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker

Waking up in the morning to a beautiful sunny day after camping out is a tremendous feeling. But you still need you caffeine hit no matter how beautiful nature is.

These coffee makers will be a life saver for you and your friends.

There are cheap and chearful options and there are luxurious options if you like to go camping all the time. Find the one that fits your needs!

17 Camping Tea Pots For The Perfect Wild Brew

Wealers Collapsible Camping Teapot

Not a coffee person? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with these camping tea pots.

Same as the coffee makers, there are cheap kettles to choose from if you don’t go camping very often, and there are expensive options if you’re an avid camper.

Getting a warm brew in your is very important to kick start your day, especially if it’s a chilly morning!

20 Fitness & Health Myths and FAQs

Fitness & Health Myths & FAQs

In this article we try to clear up all the myths that are running around and answer as many questions as possible.

You’ll be very surprised at what you find on this list. Starvation mode is a myth, you can eat before bed without gaining weight… the list goes on.

5 Simple Steps to Quitting Smoking For Good

Stop Smoking Aid

If you smoke or you know someone who does, maybe these 5 little steps will help them out a bit?

We know you’ve heard it all before, there’s no harm in trying though!

Never give up and stay positive!


It looks like you made it to the end! Stay tuned for more awesome articles!