14 Butterfly Jewelry Pieces You Will Love


Do you know what you need in your life? A fabulous piece of butterfly jewelry to add to your collection. Grab yourself a stylish piece to show off with your new outfit.

1. Qianse Spring of Versaille Handcrafted Bangle

butterfly jewelry bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is inspired by the blooming of spring in the magnificent gardens of Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles. This is a great item to give as a gift as it comes in a unique gift box, giving it an extra special touch that loved ones will always remember.

This piece tops our list as it is balances a chunky bangle style with intricate and elegant design. The butterflies dance and sparkle on the gold bangle, with either a backdrop of deepest black or light enamel. Every curve of the butterflies is highlighted in gold and Qianse have sourced Austrian crystals to add extra sparkle to their delicate wings.

This bangle offers elegance and class in one gorgeous piece, but you can complete the set with matching earrings and necklace, which are sold together by Qianse.

2. Empress Monarch Butterfly Swarovski Crystal Brooch

butterfly jewelry

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your outfit with this beautiful vintage-style brooch by Alilang, which will add instant sparkle and class to any look. They are a company that specialises jewellery using Swarovski crystals and have perfected this design through years of experience in the art of jewellery making.

Its unique design certainly sets it apart from the competition, as does its many glistening rhinestones which vary in shade from clear through to deep purple, helping to create depth and texture in this little masterpiece.

This brooch is 2 and a half inches wide, making it almost the same size as a real butterfly, and when the light plays on its crystal wings you may well believe that it is about to burst in to life a flutter away.

3. Swiss Blue Topaz Butterfly Earrings set in Sterling Silver

butterfly earrings jewelry

Looking for a gift for a butterfly lover who isn’t in to statement jewellery? Look no further! These beautiful earrings make the perfect gift for women who like small, delicate jewellery but still value quality design and craftsmanship.

The bright clear blue topaz is light and adds a gentle sparkle to the earrings without screaming “look at me!”. They would make the perfect gift for a daughter or young relative for a special occasion as they come ready wrapped in their own gift box.

Despite their small size, the quality of the materials used means these earrings won’t fade or fall apart, so they will become a prized possession for years to come for anyone lucky enough to be gifted a set. But why not treat yourself too? These earrings would look just as good on you too!

4. LadyColour Blue Butterfly Necklace

butterfly necklace jewelry

Genuine Swarovski crystals are used in this exquisite piece to add eye catching sparkle that with glitter and glint while it hangs around the wearer’s neck. The maker of this beautiful necklace says that the blue of the central stone signifies courage and calm, and that it can help encourage rational thought and a determined attitude.

This goes hand in hand with the image of a butterfly as a symbol of change and transformation, and we think that this particular piece would be the perfect symbolic gift for an important birthday or occasion as it is loaded with thoughtful meaning.

The delicate silver chain makes this necklace hang between the collar bones, just above the heart, and can be paired with a thin matching bracelet and earrings to complete the set.

5. Blue Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Love Necklace

butterfly necklace jewelry

Show the woman you love just how much you care with this beautiful heart shaped necklace. The butterfly in this piece is a lot more subtle than in other items on our list, but that doesn’t detract in any way from the beauty of this necklace. In fact, we think the subtlety of this piece adds to its charm.

The deep blue crystal makes the silver butterfly stand out all the clearer, even though at first glance it may just appear a delicate swirl of sparkles and silver. The combination of the contrasting silver and blue is what makes this piece so eye catching.

A thin chain makes this necklace light and comfortable to wear, but it will stand up to years of use without fading of breaking. It even comes in its own unique hinged gift box, so your sweetheart can keep her necklace safe when she’s not wearing it.

6. SmitCo Butterfly Necklace and Bracelet Set for Children

butterfly jewelry beads for kids

Everyone knows a little girl who wants to grow up to be a butterfly. Realistic dreams are for losers and you can help keep your kid’s career aspirations alive with this cute and colorful necklace and bracelet set by SmitCo. The smile on their face will be absolutely worth it when they tear off the wrapping of their new favorite jewelry.

Whether she’s wearing it to dress up like her mummy or so she can look extra fabulous at the next birthday party, your daughter will go crazy for this fun and stretchy necklace. It’s made with kid-proof elastic that won’t snap and send beads flying everywhere.

Plus, the beads are made from wood not plastic and painted with non-toxic paint, so if they do end up getting  chewed (we know what kids are like!) then they won’t do any harm. Plus, that makes them environmentally friendly!

7. Yazilind Butterfly Bib Necklace and Earring Set

butterfly necklace jewelry

Make a statement whatever you are wearing with this bold necklace and earring combination by Yazilind. We think this necklace has just the right amount of bling without going too over the top on jewels and sparkles.

The darker Tibetan silver isn’t as bright and blingy as sterling silver, so it prevents this chunky necklace becoming too overwhelmingly glittery. The central flower uses turquoise stones rather than crystal which compliments the silver perfectly and matches the rounded turquoise earrings.

As the necklace shifts and moves with the wearer it looks as if the butterflies are fluttering out of the wearer’s chest, adding a beautiful glimmer and movement to the piece. If you are after a statement butterfly necklace, look no further!

8. KC Designs Diamond White Gold Butterfly Ring

butterfly ring jewelry

If you’ve recently come in to a large sum of money and are wondering what to splash out on, then we’ve got the perfect butterfly jewellery piece for you. This adorable white gold ring is both delicate and subtle while still being timelessly classy.

It’s just the right size for wearing on its own or as an elegant addition to one or two other rings, so you can mix and match with your whole collection of diamond encrusted white gold rings! Even if this is a little out of your usual budget, it would make the perfect gift for a big occasion for a butterfly lover.

We’re thinking we hear wedding bells? As a symbol of change and transformation, giving the gift of a butterfly ring would be ideal for such an important moment in someone’s life.

9. BOHG Rose Gold Butterfly Ring

butterfly ring jewelry

From one price range to another, this pretty little ring certainly won’t break the bank but still offers a dainty and cute ring that will suit any occasion. The stainless steel ring is inscribed with the word ‘love’ but it is so small that it is barely noticeable. This makes it great for romantics and fashionistas alike.

It would make a great romantic gift for a loved one, so they can discretely carry around a reminder of their love wherever they go without flaunting a garish proclamation of love. The two butterflies could be taken to symbolise two lovers flying towards each other, but could just as well be seen in a completely unromantic way, just as a pretty ring.

The rose gold colour makes a change from the silver which is often paired with butterfly jewellery and helps to set this ring out from the crowd.

10. WDSHOW Butterfly Rose Gold Pendant

butterfly pendant jewelry

Another rose gold piece that made out list is this elegant pendant necklace. It’s made from stainless steel which is strong and doesn’t tarnish or scratch easily, so its a good choice for a gift for a busy teenager who might not be quite so careful with their jewellery.

Pale and bright golds can often look cheap and tacky, but the subtler shade of rose gold adds a touch of class and matches well with fairer skinned wearers. The thin chain and simple butterfly designs make this necklace particularly feminine and the asymmetrical design helps to set it apart from other butterfly necklaces available online.

It comes nicely packaged in its very own box so it is easy to wrap and would make a great present for a loved one.

11. Lureme Vintage Time Butterfly Bangle

butterfly bracelet jewelry

Travel back through time with this gorgeous vintage bangle by Lureme. What’s great about this particular bracelet is its versatility. Its intricate design and brushed metal give it a timeless vintage look that you can wear with a dressy outfit or to complement a simple t-shirt and jeans look.

While it’s not too sparkly or colourful, the inlaid butterfly designs add a little splash of colour that would go great with an outfit using blue or green hues. The floral pattern will complete a simple summer outfit and have you looking like a style icon in no time.

Plus, the open design means that it will fit on nearly all size wrists, you can simply slide it up  your arm for a snugger fit or squeeze the sides together to make it smaller.

12. Sterling Silver Butterfly “You Are Beautiful” Bangle Bracelet

butterfly bracelet jewelry

Sometimes it’s difficult to vocalise just exactly how you feel about someone – we get that. Now you can say them in the most beautiful way possible, by giving someone a the words to wear on their wrist forever. To onlookers, this elegant bracelet looks like a simple silver band twisted into a cute butterfly, but the wearer know that inscribed on the inside are the words ‘you are beautiful’.

Let your loved one know how beautiful she is as she keeps your words close to her skin, for no one else to see but you. This slender bracelet would look just as good on its as as paired with your beloved other favourite bangles and rings, we suggest mixing it up with leather bands, charms and friendship bracelets for a boho look.

13. T400 Jewelers Dream Chasers Butterfly Necklace

butterfly necklace pendant jewelry

Become your very own dream chaser as you wear this cute little two-in-one necklace made by T400 jewelers. Exquisite Swarovski Elements crystals are formed in to butterfly like shapes and set in a lead free aluminium alloy to form a delicate and glittering pendant.

This pendant is threaded through a separate chain made of the same fine silver coloured metal and features its own mini butterfly. Together, they form a clever and beautiful necklace and pendant combination that sparkles with the wearer’s every movement.

It has been carefully crafted with the wearer’s comfort in mind and is made from high quality metal that won’t irritate sensitive skin or degrade in colour over time.

14. Daintymuse Geometric Elastic Corn Chain Bracelet

butterfly bracelet jewelry

For those who can’t decide what shade of jewellery suits them best, this is the bracelet for you. This set features three individual bracelets in varying hues of gold and silver which you can wear as a complete set or mix and match with other jewellery.

These bracelets are extra comfortable to wear as the beads are threaded on to an elastic, so they will stretch and mould to the unique shape of your wrist. That makes these bracelets a great gift for kids as they will fit almost any size wrist. You also get more bang for your buck with a three in one set for the same price as most single bracelets.

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10 Orange Necklaces You Need In Your Life


Orange is a color that makes you think of sunny, tropical landscapes and beautiful sunsets. It gives off a wonderful warm glow and a comforting feel. With an orange necklace you can harness that comforting glow and keep it with you wherever you choose to take it.

Adding an orange necklace to your wardrobe will brighten up your world and keep you looking cool and sleek! You can have a vibrant statement piece or a delicate, elegant jewel, and there are so many options and styles that you’re bound to find the right one for you.

To help you on your way to a brighter wardrobe, here are just 10 fabulous orange necklaces you need in your life!

1. Jess Jewel Orange Beads Layered Necklace Set

orange layer bead necklace

So, you’re in need of a little touch of color for your outfit. Well, how about this bright and colorful orange necklace from Jess Jewel. This will definitely keep you looking sharp and radiant wherever you go.

This beautiful orange necklace is styled with plastic orange beads in different hues, shapes and sizes. This casual layered effect gives the necklace an effortless look, so you can make your bold color statement in style.

This handmade necklace is on a gold tone metal chain that measures 18 inches in length but comes with an extender chain tail, so you can alter the length to suit your style, up to 21 inches.

Now, with this necklace you don’t need to worry about finding earrings to match, as it comes complete with the matching earrings! Obviously, you could just wear a simple pair of gold earrings if that’s more your style, but it’s always good to keep your options open and rock a fabulous orange look with all your accessories.

The necklace would look super stylish with a simple solid color, and would add a particularly vibrant touch to black or white outfits.

2. Hand Painted Venetian Murano Glass Orange Pendant Necklace

orange glass pendant

For anyone who loves striking designs and bold colors, this orange necklace is sure to be a hit! Its unusual design gives it character and a unique style that artistic people will just love.

This gorgeous orange necklace features a hand blown glass pendant, which has been created with chic Venetian Murano glass. The round disc shaped pendant measures just under 2 inches in length and just over an inch and a half in width, so it’s a pretty large pendant that will definitely catch your eye. The beautiful pendant is also hand painted to give it its creative gold tone pattern.

This would be a colorful addition to anyone’s accessory collection, and it would certainly brighten up a casual wardrobe. The black leather chain gives the necklace a laid back look, that would be ideal for everyday wear.

The leather measures 18 inches in length but it also has the benefit of a 2 inch extender chain, so you can customize the look. This necklace would be a superb gift and even comes in a cute little velvet pouch.

3. StarK Sterling Silver Orange Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace

orange turtle pendant necklace

Now, who wouldn’t want this cute little sea turtle hanging around their neck! This is a brilliant orange necklace for adding just that little bit of color to your outfit, as well as giving you a touch of glitz and cutesy fun!

This pretty necklace has a sterling silver pendant, carved in the shape of a darling little sea turtle, with a bright orange cubic zirconia crystal at the center. The body of the sea turtle and the orange crystal are both heart shaped, giving the necklace an even cuter look! The little turtle measures about an inch long and wide, so it’ll quite prominently on your neck.

The chain is also sterling silver and measures 18 inches in length, which suits the size of the pendant and makes it easy to wear. This orange necklace would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves turtles and needs a little extra color in their life. It would also be a sparkling way to show off your love for animals when you go about your day! It even comes in a little protective gift pouch.

4. StarK Simulated Mexican Fire Opal Orange Pendant Necklace

orange opal pendant necklace

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of bling and a lot of glam, then this orange necklace from Star K could just fit the bill. With sparkle and shine, this necklace has glitz and glamor.

Featuring a pendant with a round orange cubic zirconia crystal, this stunning necklace is designed to look like a brilliant Mexican fire opal; and with its cut and radiance, it sure does! The vibrant orange crystal is set in sterling silver, with a sterling silver bail that is encrusted with clear cubic zirconia crystals, making it shine even brighter!

The chain is also sterling silver and measures 18 inches in length, so you’ll be able to wear the necklace with loads of different styles of tops and dresses.

This necklace is a fabulous and affordable alternative to a genuine fire opal. Because of its design, you could wear it for both casual and formal occasions, so you’ll be able to add color and sparkle wherever you go. It would even make a fantastic gift and comes ready to give in a cute little jewelry pouch.

5. Sterling Silver Honey Amber Orange Pendant Necklace

orange amber pendant necklace

If you love gemstones, you’re going to love this orange necklace! It’s bright, it’s vibrant and it will look super stylish when it’s on your neck.

This bright orange necklace features a genuine amber gemstone pendant, which is set in sterling silver, giving it extra durability and radiance. The pendant has almost a teardrop shape, which gives it a natural look and enhances its style.

The fine chain is sterling silver and measures 18 inches in length, with a spring ring clasp. The delicate chain looks fabulous with the lightweight Baltic amber gemstone, giving it a chic look that you can wear almost anywhere.

This is a fantastic little necklace for adding a little bit of color to your wardrobe. You’re not only getting a gorgeous shade of orange in your necklace but you’re getting a genuine gemstone, with natural qualities that reflect the light and create a unique piece of jewelry.

It would be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves unusual pieces that have a timeless feel. It also comes in a little gift box to keep it safe.

6. Senfai Gold Magic Heart Charm Orange Pendant Necklace

orange heart pendant necklace

Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s not. But it sure is cute! Everyone is going to want one of these necklaces once they’ve seen what it can do!

This pretty orange necklace features a gold tone heart shaped pendant with an open cut design on the front and a closed back. Within the heart, and behind the gold tone design, is a bright orange enamel piece, that, wait for it; glows in the dark!

How cool will you look when your necklace is shining through the darkness at parties, movie theaters, everywhere! Everyone will be commenting on this fabulous piece of jewelry.

The chain is a gold tone metal alloy, to match the pendant, and measures 18 inches in length. The length of chain goes well with the size of the pendant, which measures just under an inch in both length and width.

This will be a great gift for anyone who loves fun jewelry that looks stylish by day and funky by night. You can even choose from a range of colors, so each of your friends can have their own favorite color! The necklace also comes in a sturdy gift box, so you can keep it safe when you’re not wearing it.

7. Coolsome Red Agate Fox Queen Orange Pendant Necklace

orange fox necklace

If you want to show off your animal loving personality with a splash of orange color, then this beautiful necklace is just the thing!

This fun and colorful necklace has a gorgeous little fox pendant, carved out of genuine red agate. The detailed little pendant is hand crafted and polished, to give each one a trendy, unique look. The chain is made from cotton and can be easily adjusted to be between 16 and 18 inches, giving you more choice over how you wear it.

The chain ties, instead of having a clasp, which may make it easier to put on and take off.

The agate on the pendant is traditionally seen to have healing powers and is said to bring good luck, courage and strength. It’s known to be a favorite among those who want to keep stress away and feel closer to nature, so it could have more benefits for you than simply adding a little stylish color to your world.

It would be ideal for keeping away any demons you don’t want hanging around!

8. Cocojewelry Orange Pumpkin Pendant Necklace

orange pumpkin necklace

Let the festivities begin, with this fabulous orange pumpkin necklace from Cocojewelry. This is the ideal accessory for Halloween, fall, Thanksgiving, or any time of year you choose!

This orange necklace features a little pumpkin pendant encrusted with sparkling orange rhinestone crystals and a painted green leaf. The detailed pumpkin is around an inch wide, and roughly the size of a quarter, and is set on a gold tone metal background.

The gold tone metal snake chain is well coordinated with the colors on the pumpkin and measures 18 inches in length, making it great for wearing everyday.

With this fun necklace you can add seasonal cheer to your day and get into the holiday spirit. It’s dainty enough that you can subtly wear it to school or work, so you can keep your fun personality on display wherever you go!

9. Gold Swarovski Elements Orange Birthstone Pendant Necklace

orange birthstone necklace

If you’re searching for a dainty way to add a little color in your life without being too bold, then this darling little necklace could be exactly what you’re looking for. This orange necklace is stylish, delicate and feminine and reflects a modern design that will keep you looking on trend at all times.

This beautiful necklace has a gorgeous pendant with a gold rope effect circle and a sparkling orange Swarovski crystal suspended in the center. The orange crystal is designed to look like topaz, the birthstone for November. The delicate little pendant hangs from a gold filled silver rope chain, which measures a fashionable 18 inches and has a spring ring clasp closure.

This pretty orange necklace would suit anyone, regardless of when your birthday falls. It has just the right amount of sparkle and glamor to wear to formal events but will also add a feminine elegance to your everyday wardrobe.

The gold hues highlight the orange Swarovski crystal and make it easy to pair with other outfits and jewelry. It’s the ideal accessory for your everyday life and has the bonus of a brilliantly sparkling November birthstone!

10. Calors Vitton Rose Gold Plated Orange Crystal Pendant Necklace

rose gold orange pendant

So, you’d like something a little more extravagant in design, while still keeping it trendy and chic. Well, this orange necklace meets all the criteria.

This dazzling necklace has a large pendant, plated in rose gold, with floral detailing and small clear and orange crystals as accents. Within the pendant is a large peachy orange crystal, that will sparkle and shine and add glitz to any outfit. The pendant is large, at almost 3 inches in length and about an inch and a half wide, so it will definitely stand out!

The chain is a rose gold plated wheat chain, that measures just over 31 inches in length, allowing you to wear it as a statement charm piece. The good thing is, you’ll be able to put it straight over your head without undoing the lobster clasp!

This orange necklace would be an ideal accessory for dressing up your casual wardrobe and heading out to lunch with the girls. It’ll go with either dresses or tops and will look super sleek when teamed with your other rose gold tone jewelry to build a trendy layered effect.

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