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We have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of sloth products through out the years, and they are scattered all around our website and blog, making them a bit difficult to find.

So we came up with this brilliant idea to compile a giant list of all our most recommended and favorite sloth items!

The best thing about this giant sloth product list is we are constantly adding new content to it every single week.

You’ll be surprised by the incredible amount of sloth merchandise out there, the amazing thing is we are only just scratching the surface.

This comprehensive sloth list will blow your mind and you probably won’t make it to the end… Challenge accepted?

Lets make a sloth styled sprinting start:

10 Fabulous Sloth Mugs You Deserve To Own

Cute Sloth Mug

First on our list we’ve got these fantastic sloth mugs. There are ten cool designs for you to choose from and they range from simple office mugs, to artistic “I’m in love with sloths” mugs.

This was our favorite mug out of them all, especially since you can get a package which comes with a cute little sloth tea infuser!

Sloth Tea Infuser

12 Charming Sloth Hoodies You Can’t Ignore

Women's Sloth Running Hoodie

Next up we’ve got these stylish sloth hoodies. They’re all perfect for chilling out on those chilly days with a nice warm cup of coffee in your new sloth mug.

There are a big mixture of styles you can choose from, so you should be able to find the perfect jumper for you.

There are simplistic hoodies that you’ll be able to wear out and about, there are some funny hoodies, and there are our favorite style of hoodies: the outrageously hideous ones.

Go and find your favorite! Hint: It’s number 3.

8 Sloth Pajamas You Can’t Live Without

Cute Sloth Pajamas

Since we’re already talking chilling and comfort, what could be more perfect than your very own pair of sloth pajamas?

In this post you’ll find comfort, you’ll find style, and you’ll find the key to infinite happiness.

All of the sloth pajamas featured in this post come in a multitude of colors, so you can personalize the set you want to match your style.

There are only one pair of sloth pajamas for guys on this list, sorry we couldn’t find any more!

3 Sloth Costumes You Can’t Turn Down

Sloth Kigurumi - Sloth Costume

While we’re still on the subject of chilling (seems to be a recurring theme with sloths), maybe you’re not a pajama person and you much prefer sleeping in sleepsuits / onesies?

If that sounds like you, then this list is just what you’re looking for. We wish we could find more styles for you guys, but we haven’t had much luck!

These sloth costumes are also perfect for a fancy dress party or Halloween!

Sometimes you just want to be king of the sloths and dress up like a giant one. We don’t judge, we understand. Sloth is love, sloth is life.

10 Sloth Books You Need In Your Bookshelf

A Little Book of Sloth

Okay, so you’re comfy and relaxed. You’re lay in bed in your sloth pajamas or your sloth costume. Now what do you? That’s easy! You bury your face into a sloth book to have a nice relaxing read before bed.

Sounds perfect right? You can even make yourself a nice warm drink and have it in your new sloth mug!

There are loads of different styles of sloth books out there in the wild. If you want to read a bed time sloth story to a sibling or a child, you’ll find some really cute sloth children books on our list.

If you want informative sloth books there are some excellent choices as well. Our personal favorites are the sloth picture books! Some times you just want to look at cute pictures of sloths. We’re only human!

3 Adorable Sloth Bookmarks For Your Collection

Sloth Bookmark

Do you know what would go perfect with that sloth book you just bought? A super cool sloth bookmark!

You can’t read sloth books forever, so you need a way to find the last part you were reading. I mean, you could start from the beginning because you love sloths that much, but it’s a bit impractical.

We could only find a few of these, but the ones we’ve picked out you should enjoy.

There’s two cute and cheap ones, and the last one is a bit more expensive, but it’s made of metal and is quite fancy.

Plus, look at that cute little smile. How can you resist?

13 Insanely Cute Sloth Toys You Need In Your Life

Cute Sloth Teddy Toy

Okay, you’re snuggled up in bed in your pajamas and you’re digging into a good book. What more could you possibly need?

A cute and cuddly sloth companion of course! Just picture lying there with a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate in your hand, and an adorable sloth toy tucked into your side, giving you a big hug.

All of the sloth toys on this list are cute, cuddly, and charming. You’ll find small teddies, which are perfect for babies and children. There are huge teddies, which are perfect for snuggling up to, no matter how big you are. Finally, there are funny sloth toys, which will put a big fat smile on your face.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab your very own super-cute pet sloth!

6 Sloth Bags You Will Absolutely Love

Leather Sloth Bag

That’s right, we’re finally out of the house and it’s time to pay a visit to the outside world!

You see, guys have it easy. They can shove everything in their pockets and be done with it. Girls have the problem of having no flippin’ pockets!

Guys, you don’t have to worry. They’re not all purses and girl bags on this list, you’ll find some manly sloth bags as well.

These cute sloth bags come in all shapes and sizes, whether you need a light sloth purse or a heavy duty sloth bag. You’ll find the perfect style and size for you.

Oh, and do you know that adorable sloth toy you just bought? It can fit nice and snug in your brand new cheeky sloth bag!

8 Snuggly Sloth Socks Your Feet Need

Women's Knee High Sloth Socks

Okay, so you’ve got your sloth bag sorted and you’ve got your cute sloth toy tucked away nicely. You take a step outside and something doesn’t feel right…

It’s because you don’t have any sloth socks on; it is the only logical explanation. Lucky for you, this list has eight fabulous designs that you won’t be able to resist!

There are styles for both girls and boys, so there’s no need to fight.

10 Super Cool Sloth Shirts You Need To Own

Women's Sloth Tank Top

Despite treating yourself to a lovely pair of sloth socks, you still don’t feel right. I have the solution.

What you are missing is a fantastic sloth shirt to give you the confidence you need to conquer the day!

There are 10 beautiful designs on this list, all as funny and silly as the next one. Which one will be your favorite?

5 Stylish Sloth Hats You Can’t Live Without

Pink Sloth Hat

You’re not wearing so much sloth gear, it’s time to go big or go home!

Even if it’s summer, you need to commit to the cause and wear your majestic sloth hat!

I have my sloth army watching you. Don’t let them down.

4 Cute Sloth Pants You Deserve To Own

Running Sloth Pants

You might as well complete your collection now. All that’s missing is the sloth kitchen sink! We’ve not found one of those… yet.

Keep your butt nice and warm with these luxurious sloth pants. Perfect for relaxing or running about.

At this point, you’re starting to become a true sloth appreciator.

5 Stylish Sloth Watches You Can’t Resist

Women's Pink Sloth Watch

We’re done with clothes! Now it’s time to pimp yourself out with your very own sloth watch!

Just picture it now, you’re out and about with your friends. Then one of them asks for the time. This is your moment. You pull out your sloth watch and you tell the time to perfection. They will worship the ground you stand on for being so cool.

There are 5 magnificent designs for you to chose from, but I think you’ll like number 4 and 5 the most!

3 Sloth DVDs You Have To Watch

Nature Sloth DVD

We get it, you’ve had a long day out and you just want to go to bed and slap on a movie.

Lucky for you, we’ve got three DVD’s that deserve a 10/10 on IMDB because they involve sloths.

Cuddle up in bed and go on an adventure with Velcro. Spoilers: It’s awesome.

5 Lovely Sloth Water Bottles You Need To Own

Green Steve The Sloth Water Bottle

Sometimes using a mug isn’t convenient. That’s why some incredibly clever people have made these awesome sloth water bottles!

They’re perfect for people who are the complete opposite of sloths. Busy and on the go!

3 Sloth Calendars To Kick Start Your Year

Cute Sloth Calendar 2016

It’s another fresh year where you can start again. Your new years resolutions are yet to be broken. You’re feeling good, and you’re feeling prepared.

How do you stop yourself from falling back into old habits? You plan everything out in a wicked awesome sloth calendar!

5 Adorable Sloth Stickers You Need To Own

Cute Sloth Stickers

Do you love to surprise people? Do you love being an inconvenience? Then get your hands on some sloth stickers already!

You can leave them randomly throughout your house, you can prank your friends with them, you can eat them!

The list of reasons to get these is truly unlimited.

41 Awesome Sloth Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Sloth Jumper

It’s Christmas time! You know what that means, don’t you? Gifts galore!

If you’re looking for a brilliant gift idea to surprise your family and friends, look no further.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone who loves sloths, you’ve found the right place!

Our favorite it the Christmas sloth jumper, which one is yours?

9 Stunning Pieces Of Sloth Jewelry You Will Adore

Cute Fabric Sloth Earrings

Do you want to look stunning and majestic at the same time?

Do you want to show off your fabulous, luxurious style?

Then treat yourself to a fine piece of sloth jewelry!

You’ll catch everyone’s attention with these dazzling pieces of jewelry, what are you waiting for?

6 Sloth Dog Tags You Have To Own

I Love Sloths Dog Tag

Do you want to look like the freshest person in the world?

Then look no further than these amazing sloth dog tags!

You’ll turn heads, you’ll make friends jealous, and you’ll make your family worship the ground you stand on. That is the true power of the sloth!


Well congratulations, you made it to the end! This list is constantly growing though, so you’ve won the round, but you’ve not won the war!

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